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About Greenville Technical College
About Student Disability Services
Academic Advising
Academic Areas of Study
Academic Calendar
Academic Policies
Academic Programs and Contacts
Accelerate Math - math refresher program
Acceptable High School Graduation Types
Accounting - Degree
Add/Drop/Withdrawal Form
Administrative Health Care - EDCT
Administrative Office Technology
Administrative Office Technology - Degree
Administrative Policies
Admissions and Registration
Admissions and Registration Center (ARC)
Admissions and Registration Center Location Map
Admissions and Registration Center Office Map
Admissions Officers
Admissions Transcript Information
Admissions: Apply
Admissions: Enrolling
Admissions: Honors Program
Admissions: International Students
Advanced Aviation Technician - Certificate
Advanced Courses for RNs
Advisory Committee Handbook
AHA Healthcare CPR and Advanced Courses - EDCT
AHA Heartsaver CPR and First Aid - EDCT
AHA Instructor Courses - EDCT
Air Condition/Refrigeration (HVAC/R)
Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Technician - Certificate
Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Technician - Diploma
Aircraft Electrical and Electronics Technology - Certificate
Aircraft Maintenance Technology Program
Aircraft Maintenance Technology - Degree
Alumni Association
American Heart Association Training Center
Animal Studies
Application for Admission  
Application Status - how to check
Apply to Greenville Technical College
ARC - Admissions & Registration Center
Architectural Engineering Technology Program
Architectural Engineering Technology - Degree
Architectural Engineering Technology Transfer Track to Clemson - Degree
Area Commission
Art Education - Degree/Transfer Track
Asbestos - EDCT
Assessment Center - Personality Test
Associate in Arts
Associate in Science
Auto Body Repair Program
Auto Body Repair - Certificate
Auto Body Repair - Degree
Automotive Medium and Light Repair - Certificate
Automotive Technology Program
Automotive Technology - ASTP - Degree
Automotive Technology - GM Automotive Service Education Program - Degree
Automotive Technology - Honda/Acura Professional Automotive Career Training - Degree
Automotive: Auto Body Repair
Automotive: Diesel
Automotive: Motorsports
Aviation Airframe Structures/Systems - Certificate
Aviation Fundamentals - Certificate
Aviation Power Plant Theory/Systems - Certificate
Avionics Maintenance Technology Career Path, General Technology - Degree

Baking and Pastry Arts- Certificate
Barton Campus
Basic Machine Operations - Certificate 
Beginning Electricity & Refrigeration - Certificate
Benson Campus (Greer)
Biological Sciences Department
Book List and Pricing (search books, create list and view shopping cart)
Brashier Campus
Buck Mickel Center (Continuing Education)  
Building Construction Technology Program
Building Construction Technology - Certificate
Business & Leadership - EDCT
Business Office, contacts     

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Calendar - Academic calendar 
Calendar - GTC Campus Community calendar
Call Me Mister
Campus and Civic Engagement
Campus Crime Statistics
Campus Locations
Campus Police
Campus Tours 
Cancer Data Management
Cancer Data Management - Certificate
Career Opportunities at Greenville Technical College
Career Services
Career Talk Schedule
Career Testing
Catalog, Continuing Education/EDCT
CE Courses for Nurses - EDCT
Center for Manufacturing Innovation (CMI)
Certificate Programs
Change of Address
Child Care Assistant - Certificate
Child Care Services
Child Care Management - Certificate
Cisco Network Administrator - Certificate
Cisco Routing/Network Configuration - Certificate
Clery Report
Clinical Health Care - EDCT
Closings & Inclement Weather Policy
Clubs & Organizations
CMI - Center for Manufacturing Innovation
CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Program
CNC - Degree
CNC Machine Operator - Certificate
CNC Machine Operator - EDCT
College in High School (Early College) 
College Savings Plan - Future Scholars 529
College Skills
Community Service
Computed Tomography Program
Computed Tomography - Certificate
Computer & IT Training - EDCT
Computer Applications - EDCT
Computer Labs
Computer Numerical Control - Degree
Computer Numerical Control Machine Operator - Certificate
Computer Numerical Control Programmer - Certificate
Computer Technology
Computer Technology - Degree
Construction -EDCT
Construction Engineering Technology Program
Construction Engineering Technology - Degree
Construction Engineering Technology with Clemson Transfer - Degree
Consulting and Employer Services - EDCT
Contact Us
Continuing Education (Economic Development and Corporate Training)
Co-op Education
Cosmetology Program
Cosmetology - Certificate
Cosmetology - Diploma
Cosmetology, Marketing and Business Management/Entrepreneurship Career Path, General Technology - Degree
Cost to attend Greenville Technical College
Counseling Services
Course Descriptions
Course Schedules
Credit for Prior Learning
Crime Statistics
Criminal Justice Program
Criminal Justice - Degree
Culinary Arts Technology - Degree
Culinary Education - Certificate
Culinary Institute of the Carolinas
Current Students

Declaration of Legal Presence form
Defensive Driving - EDCT
Deferred Action of Childhood Arrival (DACA)
Degree Programs
Dental Career Development - EDCT
Dental Hygiene - Degree
Dental Programs
Department Directory
Developmental Studies (Transitional Studies)
Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program
Diagnostic Medical Sonography - Degree
Diesel Engine Performance - Certificate
Diesel Equipment Technology - Certificate
Diesel Equipment Technology Program
Diploma Programs
Direct Connect
Directions & Map: Barton Campus
Directions & Map: Benson Campus  
Directions & Map: Brashier Campus
Directions & Map: Donaldson Center/SCTAC
Directions & Map: Northwest Campus
Disability Support Services
Discrimination, Reporting
Donaldson Center (SCTAC)
Donation to College 
Do Not Purge form
Drafting & CAD Design Fundamentals - Certificate 
Dual Enrollment (see Early College

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Early Care and Education Program
Early Care and Education - Degree
Early Childhood Development - Certificate
Early Childhood Special Education - Certificate
Early College (formerly Jump Start)
Electronics Engineering Technology Program
Electronics Engineering Technology - Degree
Emergency Contacts
Emergency Medical Technology Program
Emergency Medical Technology - Certificate
Emergency Medical Technology - Degree
Emergency Medical Training - EDCT
Employer Servicers - EDCT
Employment Assistance
Employment Opportunities at Greenville Technical College
Energy and Environmental Management - EDCT
Engineering Design Technology Program
Engineering Design Technology - Degree 
Engineering Transfer Tracks
English Department
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Enrolled at Another College
Enterprise Resource Planning - Certificate
Environmental, Health and Safety - EDCT
Environmental Management and Green Jobs - EDCT
Esthetics - Certificate
Evening Courses
Expanded Duty Dental Assisting - Diploma
Experiential Learning
Expert Bureau


Faculty and Staff Directory
Faculty and Staff Resources
Fees/Fee Payment
Financial Aid
Financial Aid Policies
Financial Aid Records Disclosure
Financial Aid FAQ
Financial Transparency
Fine Arts - Certificate
Fine Arts - Degree
Fire Safety
Fire Science Technology Program
Fire Science Technology - Degree
Fire Service Technician - Certificate
Firefighter - EMT course track
Flags, Account
Floral Design - EDCT
Food Safety - EDCT
Forklift Training - EDCT
Foundation Scholarships  
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Called Offices  

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Gainful Employment Disclosure Information
GE Gas Turbine Machinist Apprenticeship Program
General Technology Associate in Applied Science - Degree   
Getting Started
Ghost Hunting - EDCT
Gift Contribution
Glossary of College Terms
GM Automotive Service Education Program
GM Automotive Service Education Program (GM-ASEP) - Degree
Graduation/Transfer Rates
Grants Development
Graphic Design - Certificate
Graphic Design - Degree
Greenville and the Upstate
Greenville County Commission For Technical Education
Greenville Tech Alumni Association (GTAA)
Greenville Tech Charter High School
Greenville Tech Foundation
Greenville Technical College Theatre
Greer Campus (see Benson Campus)
GTC4me - college portal

Hair Styling
Handbook, Student 
Harassment, Reporting
Hazardous Materials/HAZWOPER - EDCT
Health Care Training - EDCT
Health Care Certifications - EDCT
Health Care Specialty Courses - EDCT
Health Information Management Program
Health Information Management - Degree
Health Information Management Systems Technology Career Path, General Technology - Degree
Health and Wellness Career Talk Schedule
Health and Wellness Division
Healthy Homes - EDCT
Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC/R) Program
Heavy Equipment Auxiliary Systems - Certificate
Hemodialysis Technician - EDCT
High School Students  
Holds, Account
Home Staging Certification - EDCT
Honors Program
Human Resources - EDCT
Human Resources Office at Greenville Technical College
Human Resources Management - Certificate
Human Services Program
Human Services - Degree
Humanities Department
HVAC/R Technology
HVAC/R Training - EDCT
Hybrid Classes  

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ID Card
Illustration - EDCT
Important Dates
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Healthy Homes - EDCT
Indoor Air Quality / Mold - EDCT
Industrial, Manufacturing & Trades - EDCT
Industrial Electricity - Certificate 
Information Request
Information Technology Academic Program
Institutional Assessment Council
Institutional Effectiveness
International Education Center 
International Students - Admission
Interpretation, Medical - EDCT 

Jump Start (now Early College)


Languages - EDCT
Lead-based Paint Safety - EDCT
Leadership - EDCT
Lean - EDCT
Lean Six Sigma - EDCT
Learning Center 
Legal Status in the US
LIFE Scholarship
LIFE Scholarship Application (Transfer Students)
Logistics - see Supply Chain Management Program
Lottery Assistance  

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Machine Tool Technology Program
Machine Tool Technology - Degree
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Program
Magnetic Resonance Imaging - Certificate
Make a Donation to Greenville Technical College
Management Academic Program
Management - Degree
Manufacturing options at Greenville Technical College
Marketing Academic Program
Marketing - Degree
Marketing Communications - Certificate
Marketing in the Non-Profit Sector - Certificate
Masonry - Certificate
Massage Therapy Program
Massage Therapy - Certificate
Math Center/Learning Center
Math Refresher
Mathematics Department
McKinney Regional Automotive Technology Center
Mechanical Engineering Technology Program
Mechanical Engineering Technology - Degree 
Mechatronics I - Certificate
Mechatronics II - Certificate
Mechatronics Technology Program
Mechatronics Technology - Degree
Medical Administrative/Clerical - EDCT
Medical Assistant - EDCT
Medical Billing & Coding - EDCT
Medical Clerical - Certificate
Medical Insurance - EDCT
Medical Interpretation - EDCT
Medical Laboratory Technology Program
Medical Laboratory Technology - Degree
Medical Office - Administrative - EDCT
Medical Office - Management - EDCT
Medical Scribe - Certificate
Microsoft Network Technician - Certificate 
Mission Statement of Greenville Technical College
Motorcycle Safety - EDCT
Motorsports Performance Engines - Certificate
Motorsports - see Automotive Program

Nail Services
Nature Trail, Benson Campus 
Nature Trail, Brashier Campus
Net Price Calculator
News and Events
Northwest Campus
Nursing - Degree
Nursing Assistant - EDCT
Nursing Professional Development/Re-Licensure - EDCT 
Nursing Refresher Program - EDCT  

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Occupational Health Certifications - EDCT
Occupational Therapy Assistant Program
Occupational Therapy Assistant - Degree
Online Application
Online Courses - see Course Schedules
Online Learning 
Online Tutoring
Online - Business & Leadership - EDCT
Online - Personal and Professional Enrichment - EDCT
Online - Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety - EDCT
Online - Health Care - EDCT
Opthalmic Medical Assistant - EDCT
Organizations, Student
Orientation - New Students
Orientation - Online learning 
Orientation Center

Paralegal Program
Paralegal - Degree
Paramedic (EMT)
Parking Decals
Parking Ticket Appeal Form
Patient Care Technician Program
Patient Care Technician - Certificate
Patient Simulation Center
Personal and Professional Enrichment - EDCT
Personal Trainer Program
Personal Trainer - Certificate
Pet Grooming Program
Pharmacy Technology Program
Pharmacy Technician - Certificate
Pharmacy Technician - Diploma
Phlebotomy - EDCT 
Photography - Certificate
Photography - Degree 
Photography: Professional Series - EDCT
Physical Sciences Department
Physical Therapist Assistant Program
Physical Therapist Assistant - Degree
Physician Practice Specialist - Certificate
Placement Testing
Plumbing - Certificate
Policies, Administrative 
Policy on Nondiscrimination
Polysomnographic Technician (Sleep Technician) - EDCT
Post Initial Paramedic Training - Certificate
Post RN Specialty Courses
President's Cabinet
Press Releases
Pre-Veterinary Technology - Certificate
Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)
Production Technology Associate I - Certificate 
Professional Grooming and Animal Care - certificate
Programs That Do Not Require Diploma or GED
Project Management - EDCT
Promissory Note
Prospective Students
Purchasing Office  

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Quality (Standards, Tools and Methods) - EDCT
Quality and Planning
Questions, Frequently Asked 
Quick Jobs - EDCT

Race Chassis Building - Certificate
Radiologic Technology Program
Radiologic Technology - Degree
Readmit Students
Real Estate and Related Fields - EDCT
Records and Registrar Office
Refresher - Nursing - EDCT
Regional Accrediting Bodies
Registered Apprenticeships
Registered Nursing (RN) Program
Registration Restrictions/Resolutions
Request Information
Residency Certification 
Respiratory Care Program
Respiratory Care - Degree  
Robotic Welding Fundamentals - Certificate

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Safety at Greenville Technical College
SAP Appeals
SC Technology and Aviation Center (SCTAC)
Schedules, Courses
SCLTA progression
Serv Safe - EDCT
Sexual Harassment, Reporting
Simulation Technologies and Training (STAT) Center
Sleep Technician - Polysomnographic Technician - EDCT
Small Business Accounting - Certificate
Small Business Management/Entrepreneurship - Certificate
Social and Behavioral Sciences Department
Solar Technician - Certificate
Solar Training Center
Speech Communications Department
Special Interests - EDCT
Specialized Welding - Certificate
Stained Glass - EDCT
Standards of Academic Progress Policy
STAT Center
Sterile Processing Technology - Certificate
Strategic Imperatives
Student Activities
Student Disability Services
Student Forms
Student Handbook
Student Housing
Student IDs
Student Life
Student Organizations
Student Orientation (for new students)
Student Records 
Student Resources
Student Right to Know
Student Success Center
Student Support Services
Study Abroad Program
Summer Transient Visiting Student
Supply Chain (APICS) - EDCT
Supply Chain Management Program (formerly Materials Management)
Supply Chain Management - Degree
Support the College
Surgical Technology Program
Surgical Technology - Diploma
Sustainable Agriculture Program
Sustainable Agriculture - Certificate
Sustainable Agriculture and Small Business Management/Entrepreneurship Career Path, General Technology - Degree
Systems Administration - Certificate

Tax Return Professional - EDCT
Teacher Recertification - EDCT 
Technical Support call (864) 250-8000     
Terms - Glossary
TESOL Certification - EDCT
Theatre, Greenville Technical College
3-D Modeling CAD Design - Certificate
Title III Project: Unlock Your Future
Title IX
Tk20 access
Transcript Requests
Transcripts (Submitting - Enrollment Step)
Transfer Center     
Transfer Policies
Transient Students
Transitional Studies
Transitional Studies Tutoring
Transitions Program 
Trio Programs
Truck Driver Training Program
Truck Driver Training - Certificate
Tuition and Fees
Tutoring Resources
Tutoring, Online
Types of Financial Aid  

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University Transfer Program
University Transfer Four-Year Destinations

Vehicle Registration
Verification of Student Enrollment
Veterans and Service Members
Veterinary Assistant - Certificate 
Veterinary Technology, Phase I - Certificate
Visual Arts Department
Visual Arts Transfer Tracks - Degree
Voice-overs - EDCT
Volunteer Opportunities

Weather, closings     
Web Design - Degree
Web Site Design - Certificate
Wedding Planner - EDCT
Welding Program
Welding - Certificate
Welding - EDCT
Why Greenville Technical College?
WorkKeys Testing
Writing & Illustration - EDCT
Writing Center/Learning Center


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