AMT 101  Automated Manufacturing Overview  (2-0-2)
    Offered Spring Semester
    This course is a survey of automated manufacturing concepts.  Topics include hardware components of automated systems and elements of robotic operations.

    AMT 105  Robotics and Automated Control I  (1-6-3)
    Offered Spring Semester
    Prerequisite:  EEM 117
    This course includes assembling, testing, and repairing equipment used in automation.  Concentration is on connecting, testing, and evaluating automated controls and systems.

    AMT 106  Manufacturing Workplace Skills  (3-0-3)
    Offered Fall Semester
    Prerequisites:  Placement into ENG 100 and MAT 155
    This course introduces the fundamental employee skills needed to be successful in a manufacturing environment. Emphasis is placed on teamwork, adaptability, work ethics, communication skills, and customer service.

    AMT 110  Survey of Manufacturing Processes  (3-0-3)
    Offered Fall Semester
    Prerequisites:  Placement into ENG 100 and MAT 155
    This course includes the processes, alternatives and operations used in a broad range of manufacturing environments.

    AMT 205  Robotics and Automated Control II  (2-3-3)
    Offered Summer Semester
    Prerequisite:  AMT 105
    This course covers installation, testing, troubleshooting, and repairing of automated systems.

    AMT 220  Concepts of Lean Manufacturing  (3-0-3)
    Offered Fall Semester
    Prerequisites:  AMT 101, AMT 110, EEM 107
    This course provides an understanding of the concepts used in improving the competitiveness of manufacturing and service companies.  Sampling, inspection, quantitative analysis, statistical process control, Six Sigma, and ISO 9000 will also be covered.