About the College

Greenville Technical College is committed to making all of our Internet documents accessible to everyone. To ensure that we meet or exceed the requirements of the 1998 Amendment to Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, we continually review our site and modify pages to remove accessibility problems for people with disabilities. 

Currently, our website contains documents in Adobe Acrobat PDF file format. Most PDF files will be accessible to those who use assistive technology such as screen readers, but if you need additional software to access any of these documents, please refer to the list of applets, plug-ins, or other applications below.

Greenville Technical College does not endorse any of these products; they are listed below for the convenience of our visitors. Address questions about the particular plug-in or file viewer to the respective vendor.

Accessibility Aids: Plug-ins and File Viewer

  • Adobe Reader
    Use Adobe Acrobat to read Portable Document Format (PDF) files.
    Download Adobe Reader
  • Flash Player
    Use Adobe Flash player to view Video.
    Download Macromedia Flash Player
  • Microsoft Word
    Microsoft offers Word file viewer and converter programs to enable those who do not have MS- Word or have another version of MS-Word to open and view MS-Word files.
    Download Word file Viewer
  • Microsoft Excel
    Microsoft offers Excel file viewer and converter programs to enable those who do not have MS-Excel or have another version of MS-Excel to view MS-Excel files.
    Download Excel file viewer
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
    Microsoft offers PowerPoint file viewer and converter programs to enable those who do not have MS-PowerPoint or have another version of MS-PowerPoint to view MS-PowerPoint files
    Download PowerPoint file viewer
  •  “Unzip” Utility
    Some large documents may be compressed using a utility called WinZip. These files may be uncompressed using one of the utilities available for download. Since there are many options, this link takes you to a list of possible viewers at download.com.
    View list of zip utilities


What to do if you have trouble
If you have difficulty accessing any information presented on this website, please contact Student Disability Services, at (864) 250-8408 or by email at DisabilityServices@gvltec.edu.