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Greenville Technical College Area Commission


As the governing body of the college, the Greenville Technical College Area Commission is responsible for development and operation of Greenville Tech in accordance with Act 743 of 1962 as last amended by Act 310 of 2010 and the standards set forth by the State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education.

The area commission consists of 12 members, three of whom are nonvoting, appointed by the Legislative Delegation.  Seven members serve four-year terms, one serves a two-year term at the recommendation of the chairman of the Greenville County Council, one serves a two-year term at the recommendation of the chairman of the Greenville County Legislative Delegation, two are ex officio members (the superintendent of Greenville County Schools and the director of workforce development for Greenville County), and one is a representative of the University Center of Greenville selected upon recommendation by the chairman of the Greenville County Legislative Delegation.

Area commission responsibilities include appointing a president of the college, representing the college before County Council and state agencies, establishing programs of instruction, applying standards of the State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education to all college operations, and performing functions necessary for proper governance with regard to policy, personnel and fiduciary matters.

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Paul_Batson  Paul O. Batson, III, is an accountant and owner of Batson Accounting & Tax, P.A. He serves as Chairman of the Executive Committee, and is also Chair of the South Carolina Association of Technical College Commissioners. 

James_BlakelyJames W. Blakely, Jr., has worked as a project manager at Huff Piping for over 40 years. He has served as a member of the board for Greenville County Schools and the South Carolina School Board Association, as well as the Steering Committee for the National School Board Association. He has also served on the Advisory Committee for our Northwest Campus.

Serving since 1998


Serving since 2014

Calder_ErhmannCalder D. Ehrmann spent 30 years with Michelin North America, where he held a wide variety of positions and launched the company’s corporate diversity function. A Senior Associate in the Richard E. Riley Institute at Furman University, he serves on the Academic Policy & Review Committee and the Personnel & Diversity Committee.

 Glenn_HamiltonGlenn Hamilton is retired after serving as a Navy pilot, a Delta Airlines pilot, and 12 years as a state legislative representative.  

Serving since 2009  


Serving since 2010  

Jennie_JohnsonJennie Johnson is the executive director of the Liberty Fellowship of South Carolina, and is the Chair of this board. She serves on the Personnel and Diversity and Academic Policy and Review committees.    Dean_JonesDean Jones is Executive Director for the Greenville County Workforce Investment Board and president of the South Carolina Workforce Development Area Administrators Association.

Serving since 2008  


Serving since 2010  

Ray_LattimoreRay Lattimore is the founder and president of Marketplace Staffing Services, Inc., acompany headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina. He is a respected community leader and a dynamic speaker on entrepreneurship, minority enterprises and wealth creation.  


Ray_MartinRay Martin is retired from the real estate and insurance professions. He has a background in education.  

Serving since 2011  


Serving since 2010  

Burke_RoysterBurke Royster is the superintendent of education for Greenville County Schools and serves as an ex-officio member of the Area Commission.    Coleman_ShouseColeman Shouse is a retired homebuilder and land developer. A member representing the University Center, he serves as Treasurer of this board, and is a member of the Executive Committee and the Building and Grounds Committee.

Serving since 2012  


Serving since 2009  

Ken_SoutherlinKenneth Southerlin is retired from The School District of Greenville County after a 35-year career in education, including 29 years as principal of Blue Ridge High School. He serves as Secretary of this board.  David_StaffordDavid Stafford is the Chief Operating Officer of Michelin Americas Research Company, a division of Michelin North America, Inc. since 2007. He serves Vice Chairman of this board, and as Chairman of the Audit Committee. 

Serving since 2010  


Serving since 2009