BTN 103  Introduction to Biotechnology and Laboratory Rotation I  (3-3-4)
    Offered based on need 
    Prerequisite:  MAT 101
    This course provides an overview of biotechnology, which prepares individuals for working in medical, research, industrial, and law enforcement forensic laboratories. Course content includes theory, applications, and basic laboratory skills, including preparation of buffers, sterile technique, centrifugation, spectrophotometry, autoclaving, and equipment maintenance.

    BTN 104  Biotechnology Laboratory Rotation II  (3-3-4)
    Offered based on need
    Prerequisites:  BIO 101, BTN 103
    This course is a study of cell culture techniques, with laboratory emphasis on the principles and practices of initiation, cultivation, maintenance, and preservation of both animal and plant cell cultures.  Students will be required to maintain a cell line for the duration of the course.

    BTN 230  Introduction to Applied Bioprocessing  (3-3-4)
    Offered based on need
    Prerequisites:  BIO 101, MAT 102
    This course is a study of fundamental cell biology concepts related to biomanufacturing and includes the basic principles of industrial microbiology and animal cell culture. The design and operation of fermenters and bioreactors and the use of standard procedures and practices will be emphasized. Topics include the cleaning, sterilization, aseptic inoculation, operation, and monitoring of fermenters and bioreactors. Recovery and purification of product following standard operating procedures and current good manufacturing practices will be covered.

    BTN 250  Research in Biotechnology I  (0-9-3)
    Offered based on need
    Prerequisites:  BIO 101, BTN 103, BTN 104, MTH 102, and instructor consent
    This course provides students with individually mentored research problems in various areas of biotechnology that introduce the planning, execution of research experimentation, and presentation of research findings.

    BTN 251  Biotechnology Laboratory Rotation III  (0-6-2)
    Offered based on need
    Prerequisites:  BIO 101, BTN 103
    Co-requisite:  BIO 250 (required)
    This course emphasizes molecular biology and protein chemistry techniques:  nucleic acid and protein purification; electrophoresis; Northern, Western, and Southern hybridization; RFLP; plasmid purification; PCR; DNA sequencing; and cloning.

    BTN 260  Research in Biotechnology II  (0-9-3)
    Offered based on need
    Prerequisites:  BTN 250 and instructor consent
    This course focuses on building research skills by providing the student with advanced training in the planning and execution of research experimentation and the presentation of research findings.   

    BTN 261  Biotechnology Laboratory Rotation IV  (0-6-2)
    Offered based on need
    Prerequisites:  BIO 101, BTN 103
    Co-requisite:  BIO 260 (required)
    This course involves immunoprecipitation assays, immunoblotting, and ELISAs.  Additional protein chemistry techniques include spectrophotometry and chromatography (ion exchange, affinity, and HPLC chromatography).

    BTN 270  Research Internship  (0-12-4)
    Offered based on need
    Prerequisites:  Permission of Instructor and  BIO 250, BIO 260, BTN 103, BTN 104, BTN 251, BTN 261
    This course provides an internship in which students work in a biotechnology laboratory.  The academic and technical competencies learned in the classroom will be applied to real world problems and employability skills will be honed.  All students are required to undertake one Research Internship.  The training of student interns will be determined by the host mentor and Biotechnology program coordinator in a written agreement.  The hours a student works in the company are recorded and the student presents a detailed written project upon completion of the internship.  Grades will be assigned by program faculty, based on evaluations by the mentor.