BUS 105  Business Economic Applications  (3-0-3)
    Offered Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters
    Prerequisites: ACC 101; ECO 105, 210 or 211, MAT 155 or higher; MGT 101
    This course includes the practical applications of economics used in marketing, retailing and management, and the study of supply/demand, market structure, price regulations and trade.

    BUS 110  Entrepreneurship  (3-0-3)
    Offered Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters
    Prerequisite:  Placement into ENG 101
    This course is an introduction to the process of starting a small business, including forms of ownership and management.

    BUS 120  Business Plan  (3-0-3)
    Offered Fall and Spring Semesters
    Prerequisites:  BUS 110, MGT 120
    This course involves the development of a sound business plan for a small business idea.  Students will assess the strengths and weaknesses of a business idea, develop a marketing plan, prepare financial projections, and identify and evaluate potential funding sources for their business.

    BUS 121  Business Law I  (3-0-3)
    Offered Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters
    Prerequisite:  ENG 101 or ENG 165 and MGT 101
    This course is a study of legal procedures, law and society, classifications and systems of law, the tribunals administering justice and their actions, contracts, sales, transfer of titles, rights and duties of the parties, conditions, and warranties.

    BUS 136  Compensation and Benefits Analysis  (3-0-3)
    Offered Fall and Summer Semesters
    Prerequisites:  CPT 170, ENG 101, MGT 201, MGT 270
    This course offers a practical exploration of the systems, methods and procedures involved in establishing, administering, and controlling compensation and benefits systems within the organization.

    BUS 220  Business Ethics  (3-0-3)
    Offered Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters
    Prerequisite:  ENG 101
    This course includes an exploration of ethical issues arising in the context of doing business.  Representative topics:  employee rights and responsibilities, corporate regulations and rights, discrimination, truth in advertising, employee privacy, environmental exploitation, and free enterprise.

    BUS 230  Purchasing  (3-0-3)
    Offered Spring Semester
    Prerequisite:  LOG 215 or MMT 101
    This course is a study of the concepts and techniques involved in the efficient acquisition and management of purchased goods in business and/or industrial firms.

    BUS 250  Introduction to International Business  (3-0-3)
    Offered Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters
    Prerequisites:  ENG 101, MAT 101 or MAT 155, MKT 101, and MGT 101
    This is a survey course in international business designed to enhance the global perspective of business students.  Emphasis is placed on the legal, cultural, economic and political factors faced in operating an international business.

    BUS 270  SCWE in Business  (0-12-3)
    Offered Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters
    Prerequisite:  Enrollment into this course will be determined on an individual case basis.
    This course includes the integration of business skills within an approved work site related to business and industry.  (See advisor and/or Management Department Head regarding enrollment into this course.)

    BUS 299  Research in Business  (0-9-3)
    Offered Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters based on student request and permission of instructor
    Prerequisite:  Permission of instructor
    This course provides an opportunity for students to investigate a faculty-approved topic related to Business using the application of practical research methods. The course is designed for students in a Business or Public Service program to explore part of their major in more depth by working one-on-one or in small groups on faculty- or student-designed research projects.