ECE 205  Electrical and Computer Lab I  (2-3-3)
    Offered Spring Semester
    Prerequisite:  ECE 211, ECE 221
    Co-requisite: ECE 222
    This course covers basic test and measurement instrumentation, basic electrical components and circuits, and technical writing using word processing.

    ECE 211  Introduction to Computer Engineering I  (3-0-3)
    Offered Spring Semester
    Prerequisite:  MAT 140
    This course covers digital systems and employs basic mathematical techniques used in the design of conventional and sequential systems.

    ECE 212  Introduction to Computer Engineering II  (3-0-3)
    Offered Summer Semester
    Prerequisite:  ECE 211
    This course applies the overall concepts of microprocessor orientation and architecture and fundamental concepts of assembly-level programming.

    ECE 221  Introduction to Electrical Engineering I  (3-0-3)
    Offered Fall Semester
    Prerequisite:  MAT 141
    This course introduces the basic concepts of circuit analysis, applying fundamental laws and principles, resistor circuits, and first- and second-order linear circuits in the time domain using calculus-based solutions where applicable.

    ECE 222  Introduction to Electrical Engineering II  (3-0-3)
    Offered Spring Semester
    Prerequisite:  ECE 221
    This course covers sinusoidal steady-state analysis of AC circuits, complex frequency analysis, Fourier series analysis and Laplace transforms.