Procedures Governing your Financial Aid

All categories of financial aid are issued by either check, credit or direct deposit. Note the type of award(s) you have listed on your Award Letter and follow the procedures below.

NOTE: Your classes are HELD (protected from purge) once the financial aid file is completed or upon your submission of required documents to the financial aid office. If your plans change, you MUST officially drop all classes within the add/drop dates.

Please note below the credit hours that comprise enrollment status. In order to receive maximum grant awards you should enroll full-time. Minimum half-time enrollment is required for all aid except Pell Grant. Half-time status is always required for federal student loans and SC Lottery. (Below applies for ALL Terms, including summer)

  • Full-time enrollment         12 or more credit hours
  • Three-quarter time enrollment         9 - 11.5 credit hours
  • Half-time enrollment         6 - 8.5 credit hours
  • Less than half-time enrollment         1 - 5.5 credit hours

Pell may also be awarded for less than half-time, depending on the Expected Family Contribution (EFC).

Half-time enrollment is always required for SC Lottery and student loans; dropping below six credits prior to disbursement of funds will result in loss of eligibility for loan funds.

Procedures for Receiving Your Award

Federal Work-Study: Students interested in participating in the Federal Work-Study (FWS) program must complete a Federal Work-Study application (also available at the Financial Aid Office). To be considered eligible for the program, students must complete the FAFSA, show a financial need for gainful employment through the program, maintain minimum 2.0 GPA, and be in good academic standing within an eligible program of study. After a student's application is reviewed, they will be notified regarding their eligibility. If eligible, students may be contacted to interview for an available position. Placement into a position within the FWS Program is not guaranteed due to budget constraints and position availability. Current or returning FWS program participants, who plan to continue or return to work, MUST contact the FWS Program Coordinator to renew their contract before July each year. Work-Study paychecks will normally be issued on the 10th of the month following the month students worked. Checks will be mailed from the Payroll Department or deposited directly into the student's bank account. (No Exceptions)

Grants, Scholarships and Federal Student Loans: Students should consult with their assigned Academic Advisor (or WebAdvisor account thru GTC4me if eligible) during registration each semester to select classes required for their program of study. Financial aid awards will be applied to students' accounts after class rolls are verified by instructors (normally three weeks after the start of classes). Financial aid recipients will be provided the opportunity to make purchases of books and supplies using their financial aid at the beginning of each semester. Please check GTC4me for the book voucher issuance dates and to determine availability of funds for book purchases. 

By using this book voucher option, you will be provided access to your excess financial aid, and the purchases you make at the bookstore will add a corresponding charge to your student account. If you so choose, you may opt out of the voucher option by simply not utilizing the book voucher that is made available to you. If you opt out of the book voucher, we will refund your credit balance to you under normal refund procedures.

Checks: If there is a balance due to the student from their aid after tuition and book charges are paid, an excess check will be mailed or direct deposited to the student's bank account after classes have begun. Normally, this process begins 35 - 45 business days from the start of classes; however, the actual date the excess check will be released is contingent upon other factors such as the date the aid actually applies to the student's account, their loan disbursement date, and late start classes. All financial aid excess cash checks are mailed to the student's local address from the college's Business Office or direct deposited into the student's bank account. (No Exceptions)

Policies & Conditions of Your Award

  1. The primary purpose of the Financial Aid Office is to provide financial assistance within its available resources to those students who, without such assistance, would be unable to attend Greenville Technical College. NOTE: Lottery Tuition Assistance (LTA) is not based on need and is available to South Carolina residents, making Satisfactory Academic Progress, who either do not qualify for federal or need-based state grants, or whose grants do not cover the entire cost of tuition.
  2. Greenville Technical College assumes that parents of dependent students (as defined by federal aid regulations) have the first obligation to provide for the education of their son or daughter. The second obligation falls upon the student to contribute to his/her own education from personal earnings and assets, including appropriate borrowing against future earnings. For independent students (as defined by federal aid regulations), the student has the first obligation to provide for his/her education.
  3. Within its available resources, Greenville Technical College attempts to meet the financial needs of its students. Thus a student's financial need is determined by subtracting the parent and student contribution from the total cost of attending Greenville Technical College. The total financial aid awarded a student shall never exceed the College Cost Budget (Cost of Attendance).
  4. The amount of a student's financial aid is contingent upon the student enrolling on a full-time basis (unless otherwise indicated for each semester awarded). A student may be dropped from the financial aid program for failure to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). See the Greenville Technical College Catalog or Financial Aid webpage for details on academic progress.
  5. The financial aid award shall be void if and when incorrect information is revealed on the FAFSA or any other application or document submitted for the purpose of obtaining financial assistance. Intentionally providing false statements or misrepresentation on any of the student's financial aid application materials may subject the filer to a fine or imprisonment, or both, under provisions of the U.S. and/or S.C. Criminal Code. If a student is not permitted to return to Greenville Technical College for any reason, his/her financial aid award will become void.

The above policies are subject to the following:

  • Availability of funds.
  • No significant increase in family or student income.
  • State and federal funding and program regulations governing individual types of aid available and awarded to the student.

If you are ever in doubt about anything, please visit the Greenville Technical College Office of Financial Aid. We are located in room 100 of the Admissions & Registration Center at McAlister Square (225 South Pleasantburg Drive).

Important information may also be disseminated to students through GTC4me announcements.