Financial Aid Process

This is generally the process you can expect with financial aid.

1. Complete the FAFSA

The first part of the process is the completion of a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Complete the FAFSA via NOTE: Online FAFSA applications require the use of a Federal Student Aid ID issued from the Department of Education (for student and parent). You can apply for your FSA ID at

2. Student Aid Report (SAR)

You will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) by email in 2-4 weeks. Review it carefully. Do NOT bring in this form, unless there is a problem - keep it for your records. (The college receives the same data.)

3. Communication from GTC

You will receive an email from Greenville Technical College's Financial Aid Office after you have received your SAR. If more information is needed from you, this letter will tell you exactly what is required and what to do. Follow the instructions carefully and respond within the time period specified. Your aid cannot be processed until you do. Visit the Financial Aid Office if you have questions about the requested information on the letter, or if you do not receive this letter after you have your SAR (Student Aid Report). 

4. Information submitted

After we receive everything required from you, we submit any necessary changes to the Department of Education. This step can take an additional two to three weeks before all information is verified and submitted. Occasionally, the Department of Education will require more information after a change is made, and you'll be notified, as will we. All documents requested by the Department of Education are required to be verified and submitted before your file can be completed and awards determined.

5. Award notification

After all above steps are completed, you will receive an Award Notification Email from the Financial Aid Office. When you receive the Award Notification email, review it carefully along with any required certifications and enclosures. You do not have to sign and return the award notice unless you are declining or adjusting some or all of the awards. If so, return it to the Financial Aid Office, located in Room 100 in the ARC at McAlister Square or by mail to MS 6033, PO Box 5616, Greenville, SC  29606. Subsequent award notices will be sent to your official GTC student email address informing you of viewing availability. If you have questions, please contact the Financial Aid Office at (864) 250-8000 or visit our office.

6. Remaining funds

Any amount of your award remaining after tuition and fees have been deducted, can be used to purchase books and supplies at the Greenville Technical College Bookstore during specified dates at the beginning of each semester. Note: Lottery Tuition Assistance does not cover books. 

Excess funds (amount of your aid that is left after tuition, fees, books, and supplies have been deducted), are mailed 35 to 45 business days from the first day of class. You may also choose to sign up for direct deposit of your financial aid refund.