GMT 101  Introduction to Geographic Information Systems  (3-0-3)
    Offered Fall Semester
    This course is a study of the development of digital techniques to portray mapping/spatial data, hardware and software components of digital mapping systems, and review of basic procedures in creating, maintaining and utilizing digital mapping.  This course introduces ArcView computer software.

    GMT 110  Map Drafting Fundamentals  (1-3-2)
    Offered Spring Semester
    Prerequisite:  AET 111 or EGT 151
    Co-requisite:  GMT 120
    This course is a study of map making history, basic map reading and interpretation skills, map symbology, different types of maps and their special applications, map projections, aerial photography, and remote sensing, fundamentals of maps and their spatial relationship to physical geography.  This course introduces AutoCAD/Land Development desktop software.

    GMT 115  Fundamentals of Cartography and Photogrammetry/Imaging  (3-3-4)
    Offered Spring Semester
    Prerequisite:  GMT 101
    This course is a study of the introduction to the principles of map construction and the use of aerial photography and imaging technologies in map preparation, a review of map compilation and symbolization, projections and coordinate systems, use of maps, photography and imaging products to present thematic information.

    GMT 120  Fundamentals of Surveying  (3-3-4)
    Offered Spring Semester
    Prerequisite:  MAT 110
    Co-requisite:  GMT 110
    This course is a study of the fundamentals of plane surveying, basic measurement of distance, angle and elevation, use of basic surveying equipment, total station, levels and tapes, field notes, basic computations, traverse closure and determination of areas.

    GMT 210  Geographic Information Systems (GIS)/Data Entry/Editing Methods  (3-3-4)
    Offered Fall and Summer Semesters
    Prerequisite:  GMT 115
    This course is a study of the methods of point, line and area graphic data entry into digital mapping systems to include use of existing digital data sets, digitizing from existing hard copy documents, scanning and conversion from raster to vector format, coordinate geometry and input from GPS systems.  Translations of graphic data from one software system to another.  Techniques of adding, deleting or modifying graphic data are also included in the course.

    GMT 215  Advanced Surveying  (3-3-4)
    Offered Summer Semester
    Prerequisites:  GMT 110, GMT 120
    This course is a study of the advanced plane surveying and survey design, field astronomy techniques for azimuth by Sun and Polaris, horizontal and vertical curves, photogrammetry, topographic surveys, advanced leveling techniques, advanced traversing as associated with boundary surveys, calibration and adjustment of instrumentation, advanced computation and use of data collectors, land survey plats and records.

    GMT 220  Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Database (2-3-3)
    Offered Fall and Spring Semesters
    Prerequisite:  GMT 210
    This course is a study of non-graphic relational database systems, organization of database tables, data entry and editing techniques, relationship of descriptive data to graphic information in the mapping system, and basic concepts of programming.

    GMT 230  Mapping and Geographic Information Systems  (2-3-3)
    Offered Fall and Summer Semesters
    Prerequisite:  GMT 210
    This course covers current popular Mapping and GIS software, the data models on which they are designed, their database integration and structure, and the differences and advantages between them.

    GMT 235  GPS and Geodesy  (3-3-4)
    Offered Fall Semester
    Prerequisite:  GMT 215
    This course is a study of basic geodetic concepts including the ellipsoid, geode and gravity; the theory and operation of the Global Positioning System; design of GPS projects.  Horizontal and vertical geodetic datums; computations of spherical geographical coordinates and inverse; state plane and UTM coordinate systems; geodetic leveling; design and evaluation of mapping grade GPS project; design and execution of survey grade GPS project.

    GMT 240  Geographic Information Systems Analysis and Reporting  (3-3-4)
    Offered Fall and Spring Semesters
    Prerequisite:  GMT 220 or GMT 230
    This course is a study of techniques of retrieving spatial and database information from a digital mapping system, preparing analyses and reports and producing maps, graphics and charts using plotters and printers, and use of software designed specifically for analysis and reporting.

    GMT 245  Cadastral Mapping  (3-0-3)
    Offered Spring and Summer Semesters
    Prerequisites:  GMT 215, GMT 230
    This course is a study of land tenure and the cadastre concept. The course covers the two major land tenure systems in the United States: metes and bounds and township and range. The historical evolution of these systems as well as their current use will be studied. The course will also focus on land tenure in South Carolina and the role of county government in this system.

    GMT 250  Evidence Procedures for Boundary Control  (2-3-3)
    Offered Spring Semester
    Prerequisite:  GMT 215
    This course is a study of the role of surveyor in retracing land boundaries; methods of boundary establishment; classification and analysis of boundary evidence; laws governing riparian boundaries; preparing deed descriptions and survey plats; preservation of survey evidence; surveyor as expert witness; ethics, liability and professionalism in surveying.