HSS 105  Technology and Culture  (3-0-3)
    Offered Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters
    Prerequisite: ENG 100 or placement into ENG 165
    This course provides a study of the impact of technological change on cultural values, society, and the individual.

    HSS 295  Leadership Through the Humanities  (3-0-3)
    Offered Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters
    Prerequisite:  Placement into ENG 101
    This course examines leadership issues of philosophy, style, and skills from the perspective of classic and contemporary readings in various humanities disciplines, primarily world history, world literature, and Western and Eastern philosophical traditions. Topics include developing a personal leadership philosophy, leading by serving, transformational leadership, understanding ethical issues in leadership, and leadership skills such as articulating a vision, team building, setting goals, making decisions, realizing change, guiding through conflict, and empowering others.

    HSS 298 Research in the Humanities (3-0-3)
    Offered Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters based on student request and permission of instructor 
    Prerequisite:  Permission of instructor
    This course provides an opportunity for students to investigate a faculty-approved topic related to Humanities using the application of practical research methods. This course is designed for students in an Associate of Arts or Associate of Sciences program to explore part of their major in more depth by working one-on-one or in small groups on faculty- or student-designed  research  projects.