Why Greenville Technical College?


From sitting in class to leading one

Of all the teachers who’ve impacted his path, Nehemiah points to a middle school English teacher who changed the way an eighth grader looked at education. At Greenville Technical College, the Southside High School graduate is involved in the Call Me Mister program so that he can become the one other students remember as being the best. When he finishes his general education classes through the University Transfer program, he’ll move on to Coastal Carolina for a bachelor’s degree in education and from there, to his dream job at the front of a high school classroom.


The Call Me MISTER initiative seeks to increase the pool of available teachers from a broader, more diverse background. Student participants are largely selected from among under-served, socio-economically disadvantaged and educationally at-risk communities.
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Get into your major and industry quickly. 
Industry partnerships mean you can earn
 while you learn.

Employers seek Greenville Technical College graduates knowing they've gained hands-on experience through health clinicals, human services field placements, automotive partnership programs, co-op opportunities, apprenticeships, and more. Many programs get you right into the field, and some even allow you to earn while you learn.

Bachelors bound? 
Continue your education toward a bachelor's degree at your convenience.

Greenville Technical College offers transfer programs that accommodate your desire to get into your field quickly. Start at Greenville Technical College and transfer to a four-year college right away or at a later date. With some programs, your employer will even pay for you to complete the rest of your four-year degree. At Greenville Technical College, you have transfer options including articulation agreements and transfer tracks.

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Why Greenville Technical College?

  • Employers recognize Greenville Technical College on your resume
    • Employers help develop what you will learn in class and many participate in internships so that you can develop direct relationships with employers.
  • You'll find a good value that fits your goals
    • A Greenville Technical College education can take you anywhere, and the reasonable cost means you won't have debt that follows you forever.

  • Classes are available close to you
    • With five campuses located across Greenville County, there's one close to where you live and work. Our flexible course schedules offer traditional classes, online courses and hybrid options to create the best fit for your schedule. Click here to see a list of locations >
  • Accreditation means your credits move with you
  • Small classes mean more attention
    • Instructors are available to you in class and after, so that you can get answers to your questions.
  • Lifetime employment assistance
    • Put your college degree to work for you and find a well-paying job. Take advantage of lifetime employment assistance as you develop a job search strategy.