Graduate Spotlight - Patient Care Technician

Engineer turns to care giving

pct-LBlackLorenzo Black was pursuing a career in engineering  when he wound up taking care of his grandparents. He decided to switch gears and enter the healthcare field as a result, enrolling in the Patient Care Technician program at Greenville Technical College. Today, he works  at Hillcrest Hospital, assisting patients as they come out of surgery. Now just two classes away from earning his degree, he plans to  further his education with a bachelor's degree in nursing from Clemson University and later pursue a master's degree. “The Patient Care Technician program has given me a daily reminder that nursing is my definite calling in life,” he says.

A New Uniform - Service Beyond the Military

Corrie CruzCorrie Cruz proudly wore a military uniform for several years. Today, even though the recent graduate of Greenville Technical College’s Patient Care Technician program wears a different uniform, he is still dedicated to service. “The military instilled a discipline that’s required when caring for others. In health care, as in the military, attention to detail matters, even when no one else is looking,” he explains.

Making the change from mechanics to health care came about when others in the field of nursing expressed the satisfaction they gain from the work. Cruz’s clinical experience in the PCT program reinforced his decision.

Cruz’s advice to other veterans who are making decisions about the right career path? “Stay focused and professional, because a lot is expected of you even after the uniform is retired,” he said.