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Physical Therapist Assistant

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What is a Career Talk? Do I need an appointment? How long is it?
What is an acceptable humanities elective course?
Do I estimate my final grade for spring term classes on the application to Phase II?
When will I be notified of acceptance or denial into Phase II?
Can I apply during the January 15th through March 31st window of time and take a course or courses during the summer and still be considered for the following fall entry to Phase II?
What if I miss the deadline of March 31st? Are there extenuating circumstances for turning an application in late?
Do all Phase I courses have to be completed before submitting the application to Phase II?
Will submitting my application early increase my chances for consideration?
To be competitive, what percentage of the maximum score should I obtain?
Should I submit an application if I only anticipate having the minimum score?
Will a copy of a resume’ or reference letters increase my chances of being accepted into Phase II?
Does it matter how long ago I completed Phase I courses?
What if I have taken the Phase I general education courses at another college or university?
What if I volunteer more than 50 hours?
What type of places I can volunteer? Is there a list?
What does the volunteer verification letter need to say?
Is there a form for volunteer hours?
What if I don’t have enough points to be accepted into Phase II?
What is the TEAS test?
How do I get points for improving my chances in the weighted admission process?
Does PTA have a waiting list?
With the weighted admission process, how will I be scored and ranked for admission into Phase II of the PTA Program?
What is a One Plus One Program? With what other colleges does the GTC PTA Program have articulation agreements?
How do I calculate if my Technical GPA meets minimum standards?
What will I learn at Career Talk? If I forget the advising information specifics, where can I go to review this information?