SACSCOC Core Team Subcommittees

Institutional Effectiveness
Julie Allison, Director of Quality and Planning
Elizabeth Varga, Director of Research and Grants
Dan Labb, Applications Analyst
Becky Mann, Director of Public Relations

Philip Hill, Associate Dean for Industrial Technology
Sid Shrum, Department Head
Carl Washburn, Associate Dean for Transportation Technology
Lydia Dunaway, Assistant Dean of Health Science
Susan Walther, Department Head
Barb Nickles, Department Head
Tom Treffinger, Department Head
Dee Lamb, Assistant Dean of Arts and Sciences
Frank Provenzano, Honors Program Director and Faculty
Mark Krawczyk, Assistant Dean for Business and Network Systems
Judy Hocker, Faculty
Kim Silver, Department Head
Cindy Davies, Dean of Library Services and Learning
Susan McDonald, Director of Educational Technology

Human Resources
Penny Moore, Human Resources Manager
Pam Majka, Coordinator of Academic Support
Shannon Polston, Human Resources Manager
Diane Thomas, Director of Distance Education
Mamie Boyd, Dean of Student Records

Finance and Facilities
Dorothy Spicer, Accountant
Lee Pauly, Grant Accounting Supervisor
Ray Lambert, ARC Business Office Manager
Scott Wilbanks, Administrator Coordinator of Logistics Management
Cari Morningstar, Grants Coordinator II
Janie Reid, Dean of Financial Aid
BJ Hart-Landers, Procurement Specialist

Student Services
Judith Williams, Student Services Coordinator II
Cynthia Henley, Scanning Department Supervisor
Brett Gaffney, Dean of Students
Byron Morrell, Director of Career Center
Kevin Kerr, Student Housing Manager
Selena Blair, Director of TRIO