The Greenville Technical College African American Male Leadership Institute (AAMLI) is committed to developing leadership potential and promoting academic and personal success among African American males enrolled at Greenville Technical College. AAMLI Logo


  • Increase the retention rates of African American males at Greenville Technical College.
  • Promote social and financial responsibility in African American males.
  • Strengthen and develop leadership potential in identified African American males.
  • Create and promote network opportunities for future success.
  • Promote effective communication.
  • Create a mentoring support system within a community environment.  

Empowering African-American males with

  • Academic Resources
  • Scholarship Day
  • College Tours
  • Eagle Small Group Meetings
  • Accountability Network
  • Corporate Partnerships
  • Community Engagement
  • Man Time Events

For more information, please contact Richard Dawkins ((864) 250-8561, Richard.Dawkins@gvltec.edu), or Julian Nixon ((864) 250-8566, Julian.Nixon@gvltec.edu)

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