Add, Drop or Withdraw from a Class

Talk with an advisor and a financial aid officer before you drop. Dropping courses could affect you in many ways, including financial aid and student housing.

Understanding the terms

Add/Drop Period: The period of time at the beginning of each term when schedules can be adjusted without penalty. The length of the add/drop period varies by class and is determined by the number of instructional weeks.

Drop: This action is valid when dropping a course before the end of the add/drop period. A drop does not appear on a transcript, does not count as an attempt on a class, and grants a 100% refund of tuition fees.

Withdrawal: This action becomes valid after the add/drop period expires. A withdrawal does appear on a transcript, counts as an attempt on the class, and charges tuition fees.

Administrative Withdrawal: A withdrawal action that is processed if 1) a student registers for a course but fails to attend; 2) a student who attends at least once during add/drop period, but fails to attend after add/drop period; or 3) a student has been recorded absent for more than 20 percent of the course contact hours. Refer to the college attendance policies, as found on page 50 in the current catalog, for additional information regarding administrative withdrawals.

Add/Drop/Withdraw form (previously Enrollment /Disclosure) (PDF): The form used to officially add, drop or withdraw from courses.

About Add, Drop, or Withdrawal

Your ability to add, drop, and withdraw from a class is directly tied to the start and end dates of the class. Since a class may be offered in multiple sessions during the semester, add, drop, and withdrawal deadlines vary. Students are responsible for meeting the withdrawal deadlines posted in each class syllabus.

  • Students may add or drop courses during the posted add/drop period of each term through WebAdvisor via GTC4me (login required). Courses dropped during this period will not appear on the transcript.
  • After the add/drop period but prior to the end of the day on the last day to withdraw, students may withdraw from one or more classes. The student will receive a grade of "W." Withdrawals from courses appear on your transcript permanently but do not impact your GPA. They do, however, count as an attempt. Greenville Technical College gives a student three attempts to successfully complete a course, so do not treat withdrawals lightly.
  • A student who attends a class at least once during the add/drop period, but fails to attend after the add/drop period or a student who is recorded absent for more than 20 percent of the contact hours in a given course will be administratively withdrawn from the course. An administrative withdrawal will be received a grade of “W” and will result in fees based on date of removal.

Students are ultimately responsible for withdrawing themselves. Dropping all unwanted classes will prevent a financial penalty. Until all fees are satisfied, students will not be allowed to register for future classes or receive financial aid.

For more information, refer to the college attendance policies and dropping, adding and withdrawing from courses policy as found on pages 50 and 51 in the current catalog.

If you stop attending

If you stop attending class and fail to drop or withdraw officially, you will not be automatically withdrawn. If you do not officially withdraw, your grades will be recorded as "F" for that course regardless of the grade average at the time you last attended, which will affect your GPA and may cause other problems. Do not assume your instructor will drop you!


To get a full refund, you need to make the drop decision early. Refunds are based on the date you officially drop a class, as shown on the refund schedule.

How to add or drop a course

Any student who finds it necessary to drop or add a class after registration is completed should proceed as follows:

  1. Obtain an Add/Drop/Withdraw form (previously Enrollment /Disclosure) from an advisor, counselor, department head, satellite campus student services desk, or Student Records, fill in the information requested, and sign the form.
  2. Obtain the following signatures if adding a class:
    - Instructor of each class which is added if the class is full, added after the second day of summer term, or is added after the posted add/drop period.
    - Veterans Affairs - if applicable
    - Financial Aid - if applicable
  3. Submit the Add/Drop/Withdrawal Form to the Student Records Office or satellite campus promptly. Your request is not completed until the Add/Drop/Withdrawal Form is processed by Student Records Office or a satellite campus representative.
  4. Report to the Business Office to verify funds or to pay additional fees.

Please consult the Student Records Office at (864) 250-8000 for specific questions concerning the add, drop, or withdrawal process.