President's Cabinet


Greenville Technical College has recently developed a strategic plan that includes a return to teaching and learning as the college's core mission. Leading the way to a future focused on student success is the president's cabinet.

Dr. Keith Miller
(864) 250-8175

Jacqueline DiMaggio 
Vice President for Finance
(864) 250-8179

Ann Wright 
Vice President for Advancement
(864) 250-8719

Dr. Matteel Jones
Vice President for Student Services
(864) 250-8177

Susan M. Jones
Associate Vice President of Human Resources
(864) 250-8191

Lauren Simer
Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness
(864) 250-8484

Wendy Walden
Associate Vice President for Executive Affairs
(864) 250-8125

Dr. Jermaine Whirl
Vice President of Learning and Workforce Development
(864) 250-8601