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When I tried to register online, it said I have a flag or a hold on my account. What does that mean?
Can a new student register online?
Am I expected to have a certain GPA when I graduate from high school to enter Greenville Technical College?
Is it necessary for me to take the SAT in high school before I can attend Greenville Technical College?
Does Greenville Technical College accept correspondence school diplomas?
If I attended Greenville Technical College many years ago, do I have to complete a new application?
I don't know what I want to study or what classes I want to take. Who can I talk to before I enroll?
How do I verify that I am a student for my insurance?
How do I get a copy of my transcript or get my transcript sent to another college?
What is the time limit for placement test scores or ACT-SAT scores?
If I am a student at another college (Transient Student), do I have to fill out an application to come to Greenville Technical College?
How do I apply for Plan 60 for Senior Citizens?
When am I accepted to Greenville Technical College and when can I enroll in classes?
When I submit an application through the mail or in person, when will I know my next steps in the process?
When will I hear from the college after I have submitted my on-line application?
What do I do if I am transferring to Greenville Technical College from another college or university?
How does a re-admit student re-enroll into Greenville Technical College?
How do I change my program of study?
Do all the enrollment steps apply to me?