Set your goals, and let your advisor help you reach them.

Academic advisors assist you with information and resources you need to choose a major, set a degree plan, and schedule the classes you need to get to graduation. If you’re a future student, find your advising information here.

Your academic advisor

Finding your academic advisor information

Your advisor may be a faculty member or an advisor in a Divisional Satellite Advising Center or satellite campus.

You will find your assigned academic advisor’s information in several places:

  • GTC4me > Student Planning > My Progress
    Your advisor’s name will be listed in the top right hand corner of the Student Planning screen.
  • GTC4me > Web Advisor > Student Profile
    Your advisor’s name and e-mail will be listed in your Student Profile.
  • Blackboard > Starfish
    Your advisor’s name and e-mail will be listed in Starfish under your Success Network.

Meeting with your advisor

  • It is to your advantage to see your advisor before you register for classes so that you can be sure you’re on target to meet your goals.
  • To get an advising appointment that meets your schedule, plan ahead and schedule an appointment to meet with your advisor.
  • Prepare for your advising appointment by reviewing the requirements for your major. Also, you should create a schedule, which includes school, work, and family, so that you and your advisor can plan the best schedule for you.

Types of Advising

  • Orientation Center

    225 South Pleasantburg Drive, Greenville, SC 29607
    Admissions and Registration Center – Rooms 410

    The Orientation Center assists new students that may have questions or concerns before they register for their semester courses. Orientation Specialist advise non-degree seeking students (transient, career development, early college students and ESL). The Orientation Specialist also assist new students who are planning to attend or reapplying to Greenville Technical College prior to visiting their Planning and Advising for Student Session (PASS) session. 

    More about the Orientation Center services and staff >
  • Early Advising

    225 South Pleasantburg Drive, Greenville, SC 29607
    Admissions and Registration Center – Rooms 25 & 26

    After completing the placement process, a student who places in a transitional course(s) may be referred to Early Advising. The student will be advised on transitional course work and acceleration options that may allow them to enter their curriculum courses earlier.

  • Divisional Advising Centers – Barton Campus

    506 South Pleasantburg Drive, Greenville, SC 29607

    There are three divisional advising centers on the Barton Campus to provide enhanced advising services for current GTC students.
    • Health and Wellness Advising Center
      Dental Building (building 112) - Suite 145
  • Satellite Campus Advising

    Advising is available at the satellite campuses for programs located on those campuses.


Transfer Information

Greenville Technical College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges just as Clemson and USC are, so you receive a quality education and your credits move with you when you transfer.

The Planning and Transfer Headquarters (PATH) located on the Barton Campus in the University Transfer Building assists students in preparing their path to transfer, providing them information, resources, and academic planning services for a smooth transfer process.

Visit the PATH Transfer webpage for information on planning your transfer.  

Planning and Transfer Headquarters (PATH)
Barton Campus, University Transfer Building (104) – Room 139
PATH Coordinator – Chris Satterfield
PATH@my,  (864) 250-8393