Graduate Spotlight - Architectural Engineering Technology

business owner got her money’s worth

aet-YongueWendy Yongue graduated from Greenville Technical College in 1993 with associate degrees in both Architectural Engineering Technology and Construction Engineering Technology. Tuition today is reasonable, but back then, it was truly a bargain. The year she graduated from Greenville Technical College, tuition was running $450 a semester. Yongue, the owner of a home planning and design service that works with upscale builders in areas including Cliffs Communities, says she really got her money's worth.

Today, the four-person staff at her business, Draftwright Incorporated, includes one other Greenville Technical College graduate. Yongue prefers to hire people who have both degrees as she does because they understand how structures are put together, allowing them to understand structural elements as they draw.

She also prefers two-year college graduates. "I would probably consider someone with a Greenville Tech degree quicker than I would someone with a four-year degree," she says. "With the two-year education, there's definitely a more hands-on, a more true to life, application."

Yongue, whose interest in drawing was evident in middle school, sought a career that would allow her to do what she enjoyed and make a good living. She took drafting at her local career center during high school, and from there, she says, she was sold.

Having found success as a business owner over the past 15 years, Yongue's investment in a Greenville Technical College education has paid off many times over. "I've ventured out as far as my education will take me," she says. "It was well worth it."