Graduate Spotlight - Animal Studies

Lifelong love leads to pampering pets

SetaSeta Chorbadjian, a native of Jordan, has had a lifelong love for dogs and cats. She became involved in pet rescue in her early twenties and discovered a passion for helping animals.

Seta had a background in human resources, but after watching the fulfillment her husband, an artist, gets from his work, she began looking for a way to find that same enjoyment. She found the Professional Pet Grooming program at Greenville Technical College, and she had found her path.

After completing the program, Seta has opened Posh Paws Grooming and Pet Spa in Greenville, providing all the normal spa elements – soft music, aromatherapy, and even massage – all designed to create a less stressful grooming environment for dogs and even cats.

Moving education to the center

GingerGinger Holbrooks has a rewarding career in sales with a company that offers water, sewer, and gas materials to cities, towns, and contractors, and she has no plans to give up the job she's held for 14 years. But for many years, Holbrooks has also had an interest in pet grooming and has spent nights and weekends helping pet owners in her community. 

Thanks to Greenville Technical College's Small Animal Care program, Holbrooks will soon have a certificate to go along with her skills. She hopes to continue her sideline and would eventually like to open a rescue shelter along with a boarding facility.

Over the years, Holbrooks has accumulated both skills and equipment. In her Greenville Technical College classes, she's picking up information that makes grooming an easier task. "I've learned more about discipline, techniques that make pet grooming easier, and how to control the dog," she says. "I love the class I'm taking now. It covers grooming techniques and styles for the various breeds."

Working alongside classmates in three-hour stretches two nights a week, Holbrooks says you have to get along. "We're together so much, sharing equipment and working side-by-side. If we didn't get along, we'd be miserable. You learn about the strengths of each person, so it's wonderful for networking, and I've made lots of good friends," she says.

Holbrooks has found a wide range of ages in her classes and says the career lends itself to any stage of life. "It's a wonderful situation for anybody at any time," she says. "I'm 34, we have people who are 19, and we have people in their forties and fifties. As long as you can develop the techniques, you can do it. It's a great career."