Institutional Assessment Council


Mission: to assist the Department of Assessment and Accreditation in the creation, implementation and sustainability of a culture of evidence for Greenville Technical College

Definition: assessment is the ongoing process of establishing clear, measurable expected outcomes; systematically gathering, analyzing, and interpreting evidence to determine how well performance matches those expectations; and using the resulting information to understand and improves student learning throughout GTC. Student learning includes the knowledge, skills, attitudes and personal development attained through curricular, co-curricular and out-of-class learning experiences


  • Promote and oversee the continued implementation of assessment across campus.
  • Create guidelines for assessment planning and implementation that reflect student learning at the program, department and institutional level
  • Design strategies for addressing assessment in a long term permanent basis
  • Oversees the implementation of key learning goals for institutional assessment
  • Serves as a review mechanism for assessment on campus and coordinates with other areas of the college to implement a systematic annual report structure by department and division
  • Creates an annual document that addresses the status of assessment that will form the basis for all institutional reports.
  • Reviews annual assessment reports and assessment data
  • Evaluates the validity and reliability of measurement instruments
  • Provides guidance, structure, and support for the assessment of student learning throughout the institution.
  • Continuously examines the college's assessment process
  • Identifies assessment issues within the college
  • Promotes and recommends assessment activities for college personnel
  • Identifies resources to promote and improve assessment initiatives
  • Promotes, increases and creates a shared understanding of assessment campus wide
  • Communicates and celebrates assessment achievements
  • Assists in the development of an infrastructure to support assessment

Responsibilities of Members:

  • Serve as consultants and advisors regarding assessment to their colleagues
  • Seek input of respective college councils and other constituent groups on matters of assessment policy and practice and bring that input to the attention of the Council
  • Report to respective college committees, task forces, councils and other constituent groups on the work of the council

Arts and SciencesDebra Hadaway
Health Sciences and NursingTommie Whitt and Jan Hirt
Business Public ServiceLaura Getty 
Technologies DivisionPhilip Hill and Sid Shrum
LibraryCindy Davies
Center for Teaching & Learning   Chuck Shaw
Quality and PlanningJulie Eddy
Assessment and AccreditationKaren Morrow and Ligia Ivanco
Student AffairsBrett Gaffney
Business AffairsLisa Mangione
Enrollment ServicesTim Martin
Human ResourcesCourtney Stokes
FacilitiesAndrew Shealy
Unlocking Your FutureDan Labb