AUT 101  Engine Fundamentals  (2-3-3)
    Offered Fall Semester
    This course is a study of automotive engine fundamentals, principles of engine operations, including horsepower calculations, cubic inch displacement calculations, efficiency combustion theory, etc.  Types of engines, cylinders, valve arrangements, lubrications, fuel, exhaust, and cooling systems also are included.

    AUT 103  Engine Reconditioning  (3-3-4)
    Offered Fall Semester
    Prerequisite:  Placement into MAT 032
    This course is a review of engine fundamentals and overhaul procedures followed by performance in all areas of engine block preparation, cylinder head preparation, cleaning, specifications, measurements with micrometers, assembly, and operation of unit.

    AUT 107 Advanced Engine Repair (3-3-4)
    Offered Summer Semester
    Prerequisites:  AUT 149, AUT 241
    This course includes an advanced application of engine fundamentals, including engine removal, internal diagnostic and repair procedures, engine assembly and installation procedures.

    AUT 112  Braking Systems  (3-3-4)
    Offered Spring Semester
    Prerequisites:  AUT 132, AUT 159
    This course covers hydro-boost power brakes and vacuum power brakes as well as master cylinders and caliper rebuilding. Topics covered also include fundamentals of hydraulics, brake components and ABS, the relation to traction control, and vehicle stability.

    AUT 116  Manual Transmission and Axle  (3-3-4)
    Offered Spring Semester
    Prerequisite:  AUT 159
    Co-requisite: MAT 170
    This course is an advanced study of manual transmissions and transaxles, including proper overhaul procedures for axles and manual transmissions and transaxles.

    AUT 122  Suspension and Alignment  (3-3-4)
    Offered Fall and Summer Semesters
    This course is a study of suspension and steering systems, including non-adjustable and adjustable wheel alignment angles and application of balancing and alignment equipment.

    AUT 132  Automotive Electricity  (3-3-4)
    Offered Fall and Summer Semesters
    This course is a study of electricity as used in automotive applications.  This course includes DC and AC principles and their various uses in the automobile.  The relationship between Ohm's Law and actual automotive circuits is demonstrated.

    AUT 149  Ignition and Fuel Systems  (3-3-4)
    Offered Fall Semester
    Prerequisites:  AUT 103, AUT 132
    This course is a study of ignition system operation and how it relates to fuel systems for proper engine operation. This course also covers fuel injection, direct injection gasoline, and distributorless ignition.

    AUT 152  Automatic Transmissions  (3-3-4)
    Offered Fall Semester
    Prerequisite:  MAT 170
    This course is a basic study of power flow and hydraulics, including torque converter operation.

    AUT 157 Shop Management and Supervision (2-3-3)
    Offered Summer Semester
    Prerequisite:  AUT 159
    Co-requisite:  ENG 165
    This course covers shop management and supervision skills, including shop morale, quality control and customer relations.

    AUT 159  Tools, Equipment, and Reference Manuals  (2-3-3)
    Offered Fall and Summer Semesters
    Prerequisite: Placement into MAT 032
    Co-requisite:  COL 205 (required)
    This course is a study of the proper selection, care, and use of tools and equipment, including proper use of service and reference manuals and guides.

    AUT 231  Automotive Electronics  (3-3-4)
    Offered Spring Semester
    Prerequisite:  AUT 132
    This course includes the study of solid state devices, microprocessors, and complete diagnostics using the latest available equipment. This course will also cover starters, alternators, LAN (Local Area Network), and CAN (Control Area Network) systems.

    AUT 232  Automotive Accessories  (0-6-2)
    Offered Fall Semester
    Prerequisite:  AUT 231
    This course is a study of devices and systems considered accessories by the automotive industry. Study includes windshield wiper systems, power door locks, windows and seats, radios, and clocks.

    AUT 241  Automotive Air Conditioning  (3-3-4)
    Offered Summer Semester
    Prerequisite: AUT 132
    This course is a study of the principles of refrigeration, operation, and testing procedures to determine the cause of malfunction, servicing, or repairing by approved methods.  Emphasis is on special tools, equipment, and safety procedures.

    AUT 247  Electronic Fuel Systems  (3-3-4)
    Offered Summer Semester
    Prerequisite:  AUT 149
    This course includes the study of fuel injection systems, other fuel system components, and how computers control fuel delivery.

    AUT 252  Advanced Automatic Transmission  (3-3-4)
    Offered Spring Semester
    Prerequisites:  AUT 132, AUT 152
    This course is an advanced study of automatic transmission and transaxle electronics, including torque converter clutch and clutch controls.

    AUT 268  Special Topics in Automotives  (2-3-3) (CAC activation)
    Offered Spring Semester
    This course covers special subject matter, new technology, new testing equipment, and diagnostic routines.

    AUT 275  Alternate Technology Vehicles  (2-3-3)
    Offered Spring Semester
    Prerequisite:  AUT 232
    This course is the study of vehicles powered with gasoline engines in combination with other non-gasoline power systems. Hybrid, Fuel Cell, compressed gases and diesel/bio-diesel and Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) technology will be covered in this course. Additional topics include hybrids, light duty diesels, and 100% electric vehicles.