Career Choice GPS


CareerChoiceGPSTM helps you grow professionally, the smart way. One of the reasons it's smart is that it is based on powerful statistical research. Your profile doesn't just describe you--it actually has demonstrated up to 99.5% accuracy in predicting on-the-job performance and retention in some customized models, based on data from 20+ million assessments that have been analyzed for over 35 years.

You can take this 30 minute assessment online today, and receive a unique set of Fit Scores that show how well your personal strengths align with the profiles of high performers in more than 60 career families. This allows you to hone in on high-value targets and eliminate those that are just distractions. You'll reconnect with the natural, hard-wired strengths that you developed from birth to about 17 years old. You'll objectively validate who you really are, and align your true strengths to a wide variety of business careers.

CareerChoiceGPSTM helps you: 

  • understand your hard-wired traits, including what motivates you and what type of environment you prefer.
  • assess your learned behaviors, such as analytical and people orientation.
  • understand how you are responding to current pressures in life.
  • identify how you match high-performing people in 60 career families.
  • clarify your vision for your future by providing workbooks and exercises that you can complete.
  • clearly understand how your natural, hard-wired talents align with a wide variety of career options.

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How to access CareerChoiceGPSTM

  • The Career Services office has partnered with SC ACCELERATE and Smart Work | Network, Inc. to provide individual access to this assessment tool. 
  • You must either be a current student or alumni of Greenville Technical College in order to have access.
  • Follow-up individual or group interpretations of the assessment results are also provided, however, they are not required.
  • You will receive a 13 page personal profile via e-mail which will contain a downloadable interpretation guide and a workbook to help you fully understand the results of your report. 

If you are a current student or alumni and are interested in taking this assessment, please contact the Career Services office at (864) 250-8139 to obtain more information and a special e-mail invitation.


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