Campus and Civic Engagement

Most of Greenville Technical College’s students have been a part of the Greenville community for most of their lives and will remain in the area. As a result, equipping students with the skills needed to care for the Greenville community is the goal of the office of Campus and Civic Engagement.

Civic engagement is a core value promoted by Greenville Technical College. It is a vehicle for creating a sense of ownership and responsibility for improving the local community. Campus and Civic Engagement opportunities support student success by enhancing the academic experience and encouraging leadership development through community service.

About Us

Mission: To promote social responsibility through academic community-based learning and volunteerism

Vision: Our vision is to create a community of engaged and informed citizens committed to positive social changeactive citizen continuum
Source: Breakaway


Civic Engagement: Actions associated with identifying and addressing community issues to encourage long term social change

Service Learning:  A teaching and learning strategy that combines classroom instruction with meaningful community service, focusing on critical, reflective thinking as well as personal and civic responsibility

Volunteerism: Willingly giving un-paid time to provide a community service supporting a specific cause or organization

Why Serve: Benefits for Students

  • Increases awareness of community problems
  • Real-world application of academic concepts
  • Leadership and interpersonal development
  • Increases personal value of community

Volunteer Testimonials

“I serve because it strengthens the community but it also allows you to become more aware of the world around you”. – Dental Hygiene student

“I am serving to contribute to the local community and I brought my children to serve with me to educate them on the benefits of helping others”. – University Transfer student

“I serve because it’s my purpose. I serve because it’s my passion. I serve because it is for the benefit of mankind.” – GTC Staff

“It means looking beyond the narrow scope of our own lives and reaching out others in need”. – GTC Faculty

“I enjoy giving back to the community. It’s nice to know that I can do things to help people in need that live around me.” – GTC charter high school student

“I serve because I know how it feels to be served”- Aircraft maintenance student

Benefits for Community Partners

  • Quality source of human capital
  • Cultivates lifelong volunteers
  • Shared community value and commitment to social change
  • Increases awareness of organization’s mission, services, and needs

Get Involved

  • VolunteerSpot: Connect for Greenville Technical College Service Opportunities
  • Hands On Greenville: United Way Volunteer Center for Greenville-specific events
  • Volunteer Match: Nationwide volunteer network searchable by location, cause, and interests
  • Idealist: Non-Profit volunteer opportunities, internships, and jobs
  • AmeriCorps: One- year service commitment around the United States, participants earn education award