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    GTC Safety and Fire Report

    A Message from Dr. Keith Miller, Presidentmiller
    Greenville Technical College

    At Greenville Technical College, our vision is to be the best community and technical college for students seeking career and educational opportunities. We can’t accomplish that goal unless we can provide a safe place for students to study and employees to work.

    That’s why we take great care to maintain secure campuses. Though we can’t eliminate crime, we make every effort to minimize it through a variety of measures that are evaluated regularly and improved continuously.

    A force of uniformed police officers takes the lead, joined by public safety officers who assist in addressing incidents and deterring criminal activity. These officers are available 24 hours a day to provide quick response to calls and emergencies. Faculty, staff, and students play an important role in safety, too, alerting officers to situations that require response.

    A warning system is in place, and communication tools include emails, announcements on GTC4me, alerts to cell phones, and announcements on video monitors. Each facility has a building marshal and floor captains who have been trained to carry out emergency notifications and procedures when required. Safety resources also include emergency telephones on the Barton Campus and cameras in student housing.

    An Emergency Preparedness and Incident Committee (EPIC) meets at least monthly, ready to mobilize resources in the event of an incident. Drills and training are part of this team’s duties.

    The statistics presented in this report show that Greenville Technical College is not immune to crime. We are, however, making every effort to minimize crime and maximize safety, and we appreciate your help with that effort. 

    2015-2016 Fire and Safety Report

    View interactive 2015-2016 Fire and Safety Report

    2015-2016 Fire and Safety Report (Printable PDF)