Cooperative Education at Greenville Technical College

Cooperative Education enhances your learning experience by integrating classroom lessons with real-world employment. The college and business community cooperate to provide you with work experience in a field related to your academic or career goals. This employment is arranged around class hours, is normally part-time, and may continue each semester you’re enrolled at Greenville Technical College.

Information for Students

Get the experience you need for the job you want.

Benefits for Students

  • Understand course relevance
  • Test your interests and abilities to ensure you’re making the right career choice
  • Develop professionalism, job readiness and realistic expectations
  • Get an advantage that may result in permanent employment
  • Learn employer expectations and job requirements to make your transition from student to employee easier
  • Discover career options and learn job search skills
  • Receive academic credit for your work experience
  • Participate in the Technical Scholarship program to have sponsoring company pay tuition and often books and supplies

When to Apply

Current full-time students with 12 hours completed and a minimum 2.5 GPA are encouraged to apply for co-op as early in their college careers as possible.

How to Apply

  • Complete a co-op application
    • Applications are available from the Experiential Learning Office (Student Center building 105, Room 218, Barton Campus)
  • Email your resume to
  • Register on College Central
    • Go to
    • Click on Students
    • Click on Register Now and provide the required information
    • Under Job Interests, click Co-op
    • Click on the Submit Information button
    • Login using access ID and password you created
    • Under Manage My Resume click on Upload resume


Information for employers

Find the person you want with the skills you need.

Benefits for Employers

  • Grow your workforce, directing students’ studies and demonstrating the importance of their coursework on the job
  • Use an effective, low cost recruitment tool, drawing from students with related majors
  • Maintain continuity since students work while they are enrolled in college
  • Release full-time employees from routine tasks while co-op students provide assistance
  • Sponsor a co-op student as a Technical Scholar, providing tuition, books and supplies, and the investment may assist you in recruiting specialized skills or in areas of skill shortage

Contact the Experiential Learning office for assistance identifying students with the skills you need.

How to post your co-op position on College Central:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Employers
  3. Click on Register Now and provide the required information. You will receive an email with your College Central password.
  4. Once you receive your password follow the link in the email or go to
  5. Click Employers, then click the Online Services link
  6. Enter Access ID and Password
  7. Under Job Board, click on Post a Job
  8. Fill in the necessary information (remember to check “co-op” under “Job Types”) and click on Save Job Posting