What do I do?

  • Two to four weeks after you complete the FAFSA (Step 2), you should receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) by email, showing your eligibility for the Pell Grant and your expected family contribution. Greenville Technical College also receives this information.
  • After you receive the SAR, you will also receive a letter from Greenville Technical College’s Financial Aid Office, outlining any information you need to provide and how to submit it. Follow the instructions carefully so that your financial aid can be processed without delay.

Visit the Financial Aid Office if you have questions about the letter or if you don’t receive it.

What’s next?

Once you have submitted everything required, you will receive an Award Notification Letter from the Financial Aid Office.

  • If you are declining or adjusting any of the awards in the letter, sign and return it to the Financial Aid Office, located in Room 100 in the ARC at McAlister Square or mail it to MS 6033, PO Box 5616, Greenville, SC 29606.
  • If you are accepting all awards, you don’t need to sign and return the award notice.

You’re ready for Step 6 – Orientation and Registration.