Computer Lab Policies and Procedures


Greenville Technical College provides computer labs and services to promote general learning and the development of strong computer skills for students, faculty, and staff. Labs offer

  • Access to Microsoft Office applications and academic software programs that support various academic programs and courses
  • Internet access, providing access to college systems, including GTC4me, Blackboard, GMail, and more
  • Lab coordinators to help users with technical questions
  • Headphones (see lab manager)
  • Self-service printing – black/white laser prints at $0.10 each, color prints – see lab manager

Computer Lab Staff Members

Computer lab coordinators are available to assist you with many computing processes. While they cannot provide help that conflicts with academic honesty or other college policies, you can expect general assistance with the following:

  • Printing, scanning and photocopying
    • Adding money to your account and/or buying print codes
    • Using print functions, including color printing
  • Navigating the college's website
  • Completing the FAFSA Online Application (See and for more details)
  • Using the GTC4me portal
    • Accessing personal financial aid information
    • Obtaining book vouchers
    • Updating personal information
    • Accessing transcripts
    • Registering for courses
    • Finding advisors or counselors
    • Creating a Greenville Technical College email address
  • Using Blackboard
  • Using Microsoft Office applications and Internet Explorer
  • Using course-related software
  • Using library research databases


The following policies have been developed so that the college's computer labs function as effective learning spaces.

Improper Use

Greenville Technical College provides lab computers for educational and informational purposes. Inappropriate behavior may result in the loss of lab privileges, and unlawful activities may result in prosecution by local, state, and/or federal authorities. Please refrain from the following examples of inappropriate use:

  • Modifying a computer's system setup, installing software, or downloading materials
  • Violating copyright laws or software licensing
  • Accessing, displaying, or sending offensive, obscene, or harassing materials
  • Being disrespectful to other learners or the lab staff
  • Non-educational gaming
  • Eating or drinking at computer stations
  • Keeping headphone volume too loud
  • Bringing children to computer labs

Other restrictions may be enforced on a lab-by-lab basis. For more information, read Greenville Technical College's Computer Use Electronic Media Policy.

Confidentiality and Security

Greenville Technical College's computer labs assume no responsibility for the confidentiality or security of information viewed or sent through the college's network. The network administrator and his/her designee may view the messages and files of any user at the discretion of the college.