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Regional accreditation helps you take your credits with you to other colleges.

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 College/University  One Semester Cost+ Savings at GTC
per Semester 
SACSCOC Regional Accreditation
 Greenville Technical College $912++ -------- YES
 USC Upstate $5,184+++ $4,272 YES
 Clemson University $6,723++++ $5,811 YES
 SOURCE: Institutional websites July 2015
+One semester based off of full time 12 credit hour semester
++In county tuition utilizing lottery at 12 credit hours per semester
+++In state resident tuition
++++In state resident tuition

The value is clear. Take a look at the costs of a business management/administration associate degree.

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 College/University  Year Cost*  Total Degree Tuition/Fees** Degree Savings at GTC  SACSCOC Regional Accreditation 
 Greenville Technical College  $2,736***  $4,833 -------- YES
 Brown Mackie College  $15,355****  $30,710  $25,877 NO
 Virginia College  $13,969*****  $37,252  $32,419 NO
SOURCE: Institutional websites July 2015

*Year cost represents a representative sample full credit hour load per institution website
**Based off of Business Management or Administration associate degree
***GTC tuition based off in-county tuition utilizing lottery at 12 credit hours per semester for first three semesters and 9 credit hours per semester for next three semesters.
****Year cost for Brown Mackie based total tuition and fees on Gainful Employment divided by length of program for a monthly cost times 12 for the annual cost.
*****Virginia College – based off of three 12 hour quarters per year