Counselors are available to give you guidance with personal issues, help you work through academic concerns, and assist you in making career decisions. Share your challenges with an experienced and qualified member of our counseling staff.

What is a counselor?

While an advisor helps you decide which classes to take to meet your academic goals, a counselor helps you work through any issues that might interfere with your studies.

What can a counselor do for you?

Counselors work with you to resolve concerns about your life inside and outside of the classroom. They assist students who are on academic alert and suspension and provide information on topics, tactics, and resources that can help you succeed.


Workshops focused on stress management, relationships and mental health related issues are offered to students each semester.  

Crisis Hotlines and More Resources

Greenville Crisis Hotline -CRISISline(864) 271-8888
Spartanburg Crisis Hotline (864) 582-1100
Anderson Crisis Hotline (864) 222-0726
Suicide Hotline (800) 273-TALK (8255)
United Way of Greenville County Helpline(866) 892-9211
American Red Cross Greenville Chapter  (864) 271-8222
Compass of Carolina(864) 467-3434  
Greenville Sexual Trauma Center(864) 467-3633 
Safe Harbor Shelter for Abused Women(864) 467-3636 
Miracle Hill Shepherd's Gate(864) 268-5589
Salvation Army of Greenville(864) 235-4803