Graduate Spotlight - Dental Sciences

Good role model helps hygienist

dent-ArrowoodWhen Lauren Arrowood made a career decision, she knew that her future plans included having a family. She wanted a health career but not something that would mean she worked nights and weekends. A dental hygienist she knew seemed to have the right balance of work and family. Since that hygienist was her mom, getting information on the career was easy.

Arrowood chose Greenville Technical College's bridge program as her entry into the career. First she completed the Dental Assisting program, then she worked for a semester, and now she's finished the associate degree in Dental Hygiene.

One advantage of the bridge format was the contacts Arrowood established in the profession. "You get to meet dentists, work with them, and let them get to know you," she said. "When you come out of the hygiene program, you can assist, do hygiene, or both. You have your name out there, and dentists know you. It's not like you're coming out and not knowing where to start."

For Arrowood, knowing where to start hasn't been a problem. Following her mom's lead, the 2004 Blue Ridge High School graduate has found a career that will allow her to have it all.

"I like interacting with people and making a difference for them," she said. "It's rewarding to help people feel better about their smiles."