English +


An opportunity to earn credit for English 101 and English 100 in the same semester!

English+ gives qualified students another way to move ahead more quickly by providing an opportunity to master English helpthe outcomes and objectives of ENG 100 as a paired course with designated sections of ENG 101. This six-credit course combines a traditional English 101 with a supplementary course with fewer students and more individualized instruction.

Who is eligible?
Students who score at the high end of ENG 100 placement on the Compass test are eligible for English+. To learn more about qualifying for this program, please contact your academic advisor.

How will this option fit with my class schedule?
This six-credit hour course meets twice a week. Students are placed in a specially designated ENG 101 class that is paired with an English+ class. The English+ course meets immediately after the 101 course and the same instructor teaches both courses.

What material is covered in English+?
A typical English+ class meeting will include discussion and review of material presented in 101, intensive work on grammar, editing, developing ideas, organization, and documentation.

How is credit earned?

  • Students who successfully complete all learning outcomes for ENG 100 and ENG 101 through the English+ program earn credit for both classes.
  • Students who successfully complete all learning outcomes for ENG 100 but do not pass ENG 101 will earn credit for ENG 100 and will have the opportunity to re-take ENG 101 as a stand-alone course the next semester.
  • Students who do not pass ENG 100 or 101 will be required to enroll in a regular section of ENG 100 in a subsequent semester.

English+ is an initiative of Achieving the Dream,
and it's another way Greenville Technical College is helping students reach their educational goals!