Financial Education Center

Greenville Technical College is investing in their students and employees by providing services and resources to help achieve a greater understanding of financial literacy and create a brighter financial future. This financial education can empower students and employees to attain their academic, career, and life goals.

Financial Literacy Consultations

The Financial Education Center offers one-on-one consultations for students and employees that cover a variety of important personal information.

Consultation topics include:

  • Banking & Saving
  • Budgets
  • Credit
  • Online Security
  • Debt Management
  • And MORE!

Financial Literacy Research Guide

Need more information on credit, credit cards, budgeting, and investing? The Financial Education Center has created a Financial Literacy Research Guide through the Greenville Technical College Library.

Financial Literacy Workshops

Workshops are available for academic classes, campus departments, as well as student organizations. These workshops can cover a variety of topics, including budgeting, credit, credit cards, and the importance of financial management plans.

The financial literacy resources provided by Greenville Technical College’s Financial Education Center are for educational purposes only. Greenville Technical College does not provide any legal, tax, or accounting advice or investment advice regarding the suitability, profitability, or potential value of any particular investment, security, or informational source for you. The information provided by the center is generic in nature and not targeted to individuals or individual circumstances. Greenville Technical College is not responsible for any financial repercussions including, but not limited to monetary losses, property, or investments experienced by a student or employee as a result of accessing financial literacy content. Students and employees should seek consultation with a financial advisor before making any financial decisions or actions that could impact their financial situation.