Commencement Ceremony Information for Students - Graduates

Greenville Technical College will honor graduates of college degree, certificate, and diploma programs at the annual commencement ceremony on May 4, 2018, 11 a.m., at the TD Convention Center.

Detailed information will be sent to eligible students in March and April.

Ceremony Reminders

  • Arrive ready to go by 9:30 a.m. on May 4, at the TD Convention Center. Allow sufficient travel time for heavy traffic and parking in order to make your way to the center for check-in procedures and directions to divisional line-up areas. Photo-Id is required. Completion of graduate check-in ends promptly at 10:30 a.m. Processional of Graduates starts promptly at 10:45 a. m.
  • Note: Diploma distribution is a finely tuned process. If you are late, get out of alphabetical order, or arrive after the processional begins, you will not be able to line up and proceed with your division, and you may not receive your diploma at the ceremony.
  • Recommended attire: Ladies - dress shoes with a low heel of 2 inches or less (candidates will be standing/walking for extended periods, and must navigate a staircase during line up and processional/recessional). Men - white dress shirt, dark tie, dark dress pants, dress shoes.
  • Wear your cap and gown (colors are black)
    Please press your robes.
  • Please leave all personal items, including turned off or silenced cell phones, with family or guests.  Also ask your guests to turn off or silence their cell phones during the ceremony.
  • Children are welcome but please note the ceremony is not designed to keep the attention of young children.  If necessary, please make child-care arrangements or ask family/guests to sit where exits are nearby for quick exiting when children become restless and uncomfortable with the ceremony.
  • Applause: When your name is called and you walk across the platform, your guests are invited to stand in recognition of your achievement.  Whistling, cheering, and boisterous behavior are considered inappropriate.  Applause is reserved after all diplomas, certificates, and degrees have been awarded, all graduates will be applauded.
  • Leaving Early: Graduates are expected to stay and participate in the entire ceremony. Normally, the services last approximately two hours.  If you are not able to participate in the services in its entirety,  please notify the dean or department chair within the division for leaving permission. Any graduate that attempts to leave early without permission will be escorted back to their seat. 

Meet your family and guests outside the arena after the ceremony.

More ceremony information

 Who is eligible to participate? 
Spring 2018 graduates of degree, certificate, and diploma programs are invited to participate in the ceremony. All students who wish to participate must submit an online Commencement Participation Application. A $45 non-refundable fee is due at the time when submitting the online application and March 8, 2018 is the last date to submit the application.

When will I receive information about the ceremony? 
Detailed information is emailed to eligible students in February. 

Where can I purchase my cap and gown? 
By completing the online Commencement Participation Application, a student is requesting the cap and gown to be ordered at that time. The $45 fee will cover the cap and gown order. Cap and gown will be available for pick up at the Graduation Fair, Thursday, April 19, 2018 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Admission & Registration Center, McAlister Square, South Pleasantburg Drive.

Is there a rehearsal for the graduation ceremony? 
There is no rehearsal for the college graduation ceremony. Enter the TD Convention Center at the Entrances and follow the Greenville Technical College signs for line-up. 

What time should I arrive at the commencement ceremony? 
Graduates should arrive at the TD Convention Center by 9:30 a.m. on May 4, 2018. Allow sufficient travel time for heavy traffic and parking in order to make your way to the location for check-in procedures and directions to divisional line-up areas. Photo-Id is required. Completion of graduate check-in ends promptly at 10:30 a.m.

Can I change when I arrive?
Please arrive in your cap and gown, as the restrooms are not dressing rooms for graduates. Please also make arrangements to leave your belongings (bags, backpacks, purses, cell phones, etc.) with someone else, as there are no lockers available. All candidates should be prepared to be visually inspected. 

How much does parking cost? 
Parking for is event is free. 

Upon arrival at the TD Convention Center, where do I go for line up?
Graduates enter the center from entrances where graduation staff will assist you with check-in and signs will direct you to the program line-up areas. Staff will also be available to assist you with line up locations.

How long will the ceremony last?
The ceremony will last approximately two hours.