Benson Campus Nature Trail


Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to enjoy the peace and beauty of nature on the Benson Campus in Greer.

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About the trail

The Benson Campus Nature Trail property encompasses a variety of terrain, and has a broad selection of interesting plants and animals. The trail is nearly three quarters of a mile in length with two foot bridges fording a stream. It includes two contemplation benches and a table with two benches for study or a leisurely lunch among the trees. There is an outdoor classroom with benches for thirty students. Lined with wood chips, the walking and running trail generally parallels the stream and eventually crosses some flat, bottom land with large trees and good views of the creek.


Three times a year (once each semester), a volunteer crew is recruited to do maintenance work on the nature trail. This is usually on Friday and Saturday mornings. The crew works two hours moving wood chips onto the trail and performing other routine maintenance tasks. Any member of the Benson Campus community is welcome to join in.