Guaranteed admissions options

If you know where you want to go and you’d like to start enjoying the advantages of being a student on a four-year college campus now, take a look at these options, which guarantee you’ll be admitted to the four-year college if you meet the requirements.

Upstate Direct Connect

Earn an associate degree and you’re off to USC Upstate! 
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Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology Management at USC Upstate

Enroll at Greenville Tech and you’re on your way to an engineering degree from USC Upstate. 
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Lander University Bridge Program 

Earn guaranteed admission as a Lander sophomore. 
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College of Charleston Bridge Program

College of Charleston extends this invitation to some applicants to ensure a successful transition. 
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University of South Carolina (Columbia) Bridge Program 

Move successfully from Greenville Tech to USC with support from both institutions. 
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