Honors Contract Course Information


Contract courses are intended as supplemental offerings to the Honors Program sections. Because the heart of the Honors Program is seminar style courses, students should take these whenever possible. However, we realize that not every course offered at Greenville Technical College has an Honors section, so students can contract with their instructor in those courses for an Honors experience. Honors course contracts will not be approved for any course that is already offered as an Honors section.

If a student wishes to take a contract course and receives approval from the honors director, it is then the student’s responsibility to ask the instructor of the course for permission. Students should realize that asking to contract a course means additional work for the instructor, and instructors are under no obligation to agree to Honors contract courses. Instructors must be willing to participate for a contract to be considered.

Once a student has received approval from the honors director and the course instructor, it is the student’s responsibility to coordinate the academic proposal for the additional course elements that will satisfy the Honors distinction. These elements should help the student develop a deeper understanding of content through contract activities -- they should not merely mean more work. The academic proposal must be agreed upon by the student, the instructor, and the Honors Program director before the contract course forms will be signed. All contract courses are approved on an individual basis through the Honors Program director, and no student will be approved for more than two contract courses in total.

For more information on Contract Courses, contact the Honors Office.