Estimate of Student Expenses for One Year

Tuition - $4,224.00 for 12 credit hours    $8,448.00
Includes student fee ($50) and technology fee ($60)
Fall Semester - 12 hours $4,224.00
Spring Semester - 12 hours $4,224.00
Lab Fees (estimated)$50.00 
Books (estimated)$1000.00 
Supplies (estimated)$300.00 
Total Estimated Education Cost$9,798.00


Rent - 12 months @ $600/month$ 7,200.00 
Utilities - 12 months @ $100/month1,200.00 
Food - 12 months @ $200/month2,400.00 
Medical Insurance*550.00 
Personal Expenses400.00 
Total Estimated Living Expenses     $13,050.00


* Medical insurance is required for all international students. Greenville Technical College does not offer this insurance; however, brochures from various companies are available. Medical insurance must be valid prior to registration.

** There is only limited public transportation in the area. You may wish to purchase a second-hand car for personal transportation. If you purchase a car, you will be required to purchase car insurance. Premiums range from $500.00 - $1,200.00. Some students purchase bicycles instead of a car if living close to the college.

Student Housing is available through Campus Pointe. Visit their website for more information.