Requirements for Maintaining Student (F-1) Status


The requirements listed below contain information concerning the rules and regulations you will be expected to abide by while you are in the United States and attending Greenville Technical College. The Citizenship and Immigration Services of the United States REQUIRES that if you are attending United States schools on a student (F-1) visa you must:

  1. You must have a passport that is kept valid and current at all times.
  2. Continue to carry a full course of study. You must be enrolled in 12 credit hours for the entire semester. Only one distance learning/online course (3 credit hrs) may be applied to the minimum 12 credit hours required.
  3. You are allowed to accept part time on-campus employment only. Unauthorized employment is considered a violation of status by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.
  4. Immediately report any address changes to the Designated School Official (DSO), so it can be updated with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
  5. You must enroll in the courses scheduled by your Academic Advisor and only in your program of study.
  6. Attend the school that you were authorized to attend. When you enter the U.S. using the I-20 of one school and attempt to attend another, you are committing an unlawful act and are in violation of your visa status.
  7. Depart the U.S. by the anticipated completion date shown on Form I-20 (no more than 60 days after graduating from your program), or apply to the DSO for a program extension. School transfer process must be started prior to end of current program.