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How do I apply for Plan 60 for Senior Citizens?
Plan 60 eligible students must be a legal resident of SC, not employed full-time and at least sixty (60) years of age. To apply for credit courses through Plan 60, complete the Plan 60 form, then complete Step 1 (applying to the college),which includes the completed form for Legal Presence in the US. Plan 60 is a tuition-only waiver program - students are responsible for paying the student fee, technology fee and books/materials fees. Plan 60 covers tuition that is not paid by a third party. If a student is eligible for PELL or Lottery Tuition Assistance, Plan 60 will cover the remainder. Some courses may require proof of a pre-requisite, so you will also complete Step 3 (submitting transcripts) and Step 5 (placement testing). Enrollment in classes is permitted on a space availability basis only.