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How do I plan my class schedule?

First, contact your assigned advisor.  Enhanced advising services are also available at the Divisional Advising Center and satellite campuses.  See the full list of locations and advisors for more.

To create your schedule, take a hard look at how much time you can give college

  • How many hours and which days do you work in a week?
  • How many hours are dedicated to childcare, outside commitments and personal time?
  • How many hours will you study? Allow at least two hours for every hour you spend in class.

List classes you want and make sure you've covered the class prerequisites (background courses that are required). Here are some suggestions.

  • Don't take all your classes back to back. Give yourself a break in the day.
  • If you are taking 12 credit hours or more, limit the number of hours you work to 15-20 per week.
  • As you make your schedule, try to plan for 3 hours of study time for every hour you spend in class.

Review the current course schedule to help you plan your classes.