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SACSCOC Reaffirmation FAQs

What is reaffirmation of accreditation?

To maintain accreditation with the Commission on Colleges, an institution must comply with the standards contained in the Principles of Accreditation: Foundations for Quality Enhancement and with the policies and procedures of the Commission on Colleges. The Principles apply to all applicant, candidate, and member institutions, regardless of type of institution (public, private for-profit, private not-for-profit).

Every 10 years, colleges and universities accredited by SACSCOC participate in a rigorous self-examination according to SACSCOC guidelines. This is a two-year process that culminates in two stages of peer review conducted by senior level faculty and administrators at other institutions. These reviewers write reports and make determinations as to whether a school is in compliance with the SACSCOC's Core Requirements, Comprehensive Standards and Federal Mandates. The reviewers submit their reports and recommendations to the SACSCOC. The Commission determines reaffirmation of accreditation.