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What are the rules for other types of transcripts?
  •  Foreign transcripts
    Students transferring from foreign countries must have official transcripts sent directly from their foreign college to World Evaluation Services (WES). The student must request a course-by-course evaluation. WES sends a translated copy to the Office of Transcript Evaluation acknowledging whether the foreign college is considered regionally accredited and lists all courses completed and American hours earned and a letter grade. English is never accepted from a foreign country unless it is the native language of that country.
  • Military transcripts/CLEP/Dantes
    Limited credits are transferred from military transcripts. The records can be requested from the appropriate military branch education department. Transcript Evaluation uses the ACE guideline, and Transcript Evaluation personnel are responsible for researching military training/CLEP and Dantes records and determining appropriate transfer coursework.
  • Advanced Placement (AP) exams
    Students must request AP scores be sent directly to the Office of Transcript Evaluation. Transcript Evaluation personnel will determine appropriate transfer credit per course. Acceptable scores are 3, 4 or 5.
  • Articulating colleges in one-plus-one programs
    It is the responsibility of the liaison at the articulating college to have the student request an official copy of all third party college transcripts be sent directly to Greenville Technical College for evaluation. The liaison uses the Greenville Technical College evaluation to determine if the student has completed any of the Phase One requirements from colleges other than his or her own.