Student Leadership Development Program

The Student Leadership Development Program at Greenville Technical College assists students in developing leadership and career related skills. Students who do not necessarily see themselves as leaders or who don’t qualify for other leadership programs can still participate in engagement and personal development. The program develops and enhances "transferable skills," important to improve academic success, encourage civic responsibility, and achieve career goals.

For more information, contact the Student Engagement Team Director, Student Center (Building 105) at (864) 250-8561.

Emerging Leaders Program

How it works

    All GTC students are invited and encouraged to participate in programs and service learning events sponsored by or endorsed by the Emerging Leaders Program. Students earn quality points for their participation in these programs and events
    Students receiving a minimum number of points in a semester may earn the Emerging Leaders distinction, recognized with a certificate presented at a brief ceremony
    Emerging Leaders are then invited to apply for the Student Ambassadors and Group Leadership programs if they meet minimum 2.0 GPA – SAP requirements.

Program and Event Topics

  • Student Success
  • Time & Money Management and Goal Setting
  • Financial Planning
  • Getting Involved
  • GTC Lingo
  • Professor’s Expectations
  • Build a Plan
  • Career Counseling
  • Service Learning/Community Service
  • Learning Accommodations
  • Diversity Workshop
  • Test Taking Skills
  • College Resources
  • Public Speaking
  • Etiquette

Student Ambassador Program

Greenville Technical College Student Ambassadors have successfully achieved the Emerging Leaders distinction in the Student Leadership Development Program. They offer information and guidance to new and prospective students through recruitment events and tours.


Student Ambassadors meet once per month, are active on all campuses and participate in a minimum of 10 hours per month where they will

  • Provide and schedule campus tours for prospective students
  • Participate as peer resource at new student orientations
  • Promote and increase involvement in student events and opportunities
  • Collaborate with student organizations to maintain a college-wide events calendar
  • Emphasize the importance of GTC4Me/GMail/Blackboard
  • Volunteer at community events
  • Recruit potential students for ambassadors program at FYE events, new student orientations, and fall/spring bash etc.


Students must achieve Emerging Leader distinction and meet minimum 2.0 GPA - SAP requirements.