Student-Graduate Spotlight - Marketing

Entrepreneur with educational goals

Andrew_RauschAndrew Rausch explains that his decision to become a student at Greenville Technical College was the logical choice. “It is local, affordable, offers online classes, and has dedicated teachers with real life experience in their chosen fields of instruction.”

Andrew is the owner of Southern Mountain Honey, a member of the South Carolina State Beekeepers Association and the Pickens County Beekeepers Association. He has been named to the President’s List, was named to the SC Phi Theta Kappa All-State Academic Team, has received the Ladson Gentry Cubbage, Sr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Entrepreneurial Education and has participated in the Successful Entrepreneurship Lecture Series.

‘’The most important advantage, in my opinion, is the General Technology degree which allows me to customize the selection of courses in my major, under the supervision of an advisor, to best meet the unique needs of my career goals," he says. "I came to Greenville Tech because I wanted an education that would prepare me for the challenges ahead. Being able to customize the course selection for my major and having teachers with “real world” experience finalized my decision.” 

Double major has major benefits

mkt-BlackburnGary Blackburn is a student, a business owner, and an entrepreneur. A double major in marketing and management at Greenville Technical College is helping him to run his companies, one selling commercial and industrial tools and a new web site,, selling vehicles and boats, more efficiently. 

Thanks to the marketing program, he's learned who to target and how to target those prospects. So instead of placing an expensive ad in the newspaper or spending a lot of money on yellow pages advertising, he's invested time in determining who his audience is and now sends fliers to those potential customers.

He's also gained the expertise to take advantage of online opportunities, an area of growth for his business.

Thanks to the Management program, he's learned how to lead people and how to make decisions when needed. The curriculum has expanded his horizons as well. "I took International Business, which opened my eyes to cultural differences," he said. "Now I feel I'm more comfortable in dealing with people from other countries."

In the marketing and advertising arena, Blackburn has found his niche. "There are some classes you take just because they're a requirement. But in my marketing and advertising classes, I'm paying full attention. Marketing is really a passion for me," he said.
While the classes have been beneficial, Greenville Technical College has given Blackburn an unexpected benefit.

"Greenville Tech is a wonderful place to learn about business because you're right in the heart of such a large business community," he said. "I also like the fact that you meet so many people that you may do business with years from now."