The Math Center

     The Math Center is open to any Greenville Technical College student, faculty or staff member for extra assistance so that you never have to fall behind or get frustrated with an assignment.

    Math Center Policies

    • Services include one-on-one help with any textbook problem from any Greenville Technical College math course and with instructor-produced material presented in its original format. In order to maintain academic integrity, instructor-produced material must have solutions provided or specify that outside help is allowed.
    • Services also include one-on-one help with calculator use and Internet-based instructional software. Computers are available.
    • Staff will limit help to 10 minutes if necessary to ensure that all visiting students receive assistance

    Math Center Locations and Schedules

    • Barton Math Center 
      The Learning Center, University Transfer Building (104)
    • Benson Math Center Building 301
    • Northwest Math Center Building 402
    • Brashier Math Center Building 201

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