Which math course(s) do you take after MAT 102?


Placement for all courses below is by prerequisite course of MAT 102 or appropriate placement test score or SAT Math / ACT Math score.  Options include: 

MAT 103 - Quantitative Reasoning

    • Transfers to
      Clemson as MthSc 101
      Coastal Carolina as MATH 139
      College of Charleston as MATH 103
      North Greenville as MATH 1315
      USC Upstate as SMTH 120
      Lander as MATH 101
      Winthrop as MATH 150
    • TI 83/84 calculator required

MAT 109 - College Algebra with Modeling

    • Prerequisite for MAT 130
    • TI 83/84 calculator required
    • Widely accepted as College Algebra credit for students who need no additional math courses
    • An option for many degrees at GTC (if your program offers a choice of MAT 109 or MAT 110, students who do not plan to take MAT 111 should choose MAT 109)
    • If you plan to transfer to a 4-year school, check with that school to see whether it accepts MAT 109 for transfer, as not all colleges and universities in the state do accept it.

MAT 110 - College Algebra

    • The first part of the "precalculus" sequence
    • Prerequisite for MAT 111
    • The recommended college algebra course for those needing to take MAT 111/140/141/240/242
    • TI 89 calculator required (also needed for MAT 111 and beyond)

MAT 120 - Probability and Statistics

    • Required for many 4-year degrees as well as associate degrees
    • TI 83/84 calculator required

Check with your advisor and/or transfer destination for additional assistance in selecting the correct course; be sure you consider prerequisite requirements for other courses in your program.

Still confused? Speak to Ms. Cheryl Hawkins, Mathematics Department Head.
Office: University Transfer Building (104), Room 281. Telephone: (864) 250-8770. Email: Cheryl.Hawkins@gvltec.edu.