Graduate Spotlight - Medical Laboratory Technology

The right career is worth the wait

Becky Flowers had a career of convenience, working as assistant director for a daycare center while her children were growing up. Now she's pursuing the career she's always wanted as a student in Greenville Technical College's Medical Laboratory Technology program.

During 11 years in daycare, the medical field was never far from her mind. She read constantly and absorbed the information like a sponge. A natural caregiver, she knew that her interest in all things medical and her desire to help others were leading her to a different career path.

Once her daughter entered college, she followed in her footsteps. Now she's excited about a field in which the technology is always changing and continuing education will be key in keeping up. Today that new technology is making hospitals safer with handheld devices that scan a patient's armband to prevent unnecessary tests and mislabeling.

"I'm really excited about these innovations that make things safer, healthier, and more cost-efficient," she said.

When it came time to choose a college, Flowers felt Greenville Technical College was a natural fit. "When I worked the daycare center, we had a lot of young girls on the staff, and I would talk to them about school," she said. "It seemed like those who went to Greenville Tech got a very good education, and none of them had problems getting a job."

One of the challenges in her field, Flowers said, is explaining what she does to others, a question that allows her to impart her enthusiasm. "Basically, I tell people I am the one in the lab performing the tests and reporting the results," she said. "I feel like it's an area that will grow and expand, and I want to be part of that."